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Woodlands Ring Secondary School

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10 Woodlands Ring Road Singapore 738239
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The school takes pride in providing quality education to over 1,400 students.


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My mother said to me that University would be the best years of my student life. I wonder if she said it because she knew about the hell I went through in Secondary school. Anything that is even the slightest bit better than that would be heavenly.

In fact, my secondary school experience was so traumatic that even before I sat for my O levels, I was all ready to fly myself off to the country down under.

What was so terrible about secondary school that I had to travel 6057 kilometers to escape (that figure is accurate; I googled it)? Oh nothing different from the usual bullies and snobs you read about in books and watch on Glee.

For the record, I automatically un-friend anyone who tells me that their favourite band is Glee.

From tearing up my exam papers to over-turning the trash bin over my head, suffice to say I was glad to leave school when my four years were up.

There was even a time when rumors of my losing my virginity passed on so quickly like a hot potato that came straight out of the oven. Months on and I still received text messages from random strangers either slurring surprisingly accurately spelled Hokkien vulgarities at me or asking me to pimp myself out.

But not all was bad. One of my longest and most meaningful friendships was born in the same classroom where some one pulled my chair from under me, I had the spunkiest English teacher, and it was also where I met my future husband.

Mom was right about University. But if Secondary school wasn’t the roller-coaster ride it was, I wouldn’t have enjoyed Uni that much.

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