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MAI is one of the three madrasah in the JMS. Under the JMS, MAI will become an Islamic inspired secondary school which offers the GCE 'O' Level curriculum.


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The Small Fry

Singaporean parents are competitive in terms of their precious children’s education. Fortunately, my sympathetic mother is not some pushy and aggressive guardian from the land of Kiasu Parents but instead, she let me learn my way through secondary school on my own (with the help of teachers of course).

I found learning to be exciting as there was no pressure to score in exams. “I don’t care if you are the top or at the bottom of the class. Just pass your exams. It’s not that difficult.” - quoted from my all time favourite person in the world; my mom. And so, that was why I blossomed into a very relax and uncompetitive person. They considered me as a phlegmatic person with lack of self-motivation but somehow ended up with relatively good grades.

I guess that was why my secondary school teachers called me the “underdog”. It was sometime in June when I was in sec 3 that I was picked to represent the school in an Arabic quiz competition with another group of top students. I felt like an alien in a “Smart-aleck only” planet but was too lazy to opt myself out from the competition and so I went with it.

In conclusion, my team brought back the champion’s trophy which was quite a big deal as my school lacks trophies to brag about. I guess that win was a miracle to my teachers and people started to label me as the “the school's underdog”. I didn't mind the word “under” but I had some issues with the word “dog” though. See, you don’t have to be “kancheong” to compete with other students academically. Just relax and inhale lots of positive vibes. Good things will come eventually and enjoy your school life before it’s too late.

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