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Cedar Girls' Secondary School was founded in 1957 and has since progressed to become one of the best schools in Singapore. It is well-known for its excellent achievements both in academic as well as in athletic fields and today boasts a total enrolment of 1300 pupils.


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Once a Cedarian, always a Cedarian

I recently graduated from Cedar Girls' Secondary School, and my life has been centred around it for the past four years. To say I remember it like it was yesterday would be too dramatic - it does to me, literally, feel like a few hours ago that I was still in the canteen eating mee soto with my three best friends.

Being in an all girls-school has definitely allowed me to be carefree and adventurous in all aspects of my life. The pressure of keeping a 'prim and proper' façade is at a negative. I was able to find myself better at ease and also look at things at a different perspective. Cedar is affectionately nicknamed the Screaming School. The School Spirit was something that struck me the moment I stepped into the school and it will stick with me for the rest of my life. Being in a supportive, enthusiastic and caring environment really aids in the sculpting of one's personality and character. Cedarians are also known to be outstanding, independent and responsible. I am so proud of my many friends who are great presidents, chairmen and leaders of their groups.

Whenever I think back upon my four years in Cedar, I am constantly hit by waves of nostalgia and empowerment. I've learnt so much, I've had the best teachers, and I know I've met friends that I will stay close to for the rest of my life. One of the best parts of meeting Cedarians is that every single one of them is unique. They are the most multi-talented bunch you'd meet. Each of them has a set of morals and values, beliefs and opinions to live by. And each and every single day we are never afraid to voice them out. It is a fresh insight. Every day I learn something new - the Indian caste system, how Buddhism works and how the Korean education system is like. Everyone comes together from a different family and cultural background, we are all of different upbringing and manners and inevitably we all have something fresh to bring to the table. There is no discrimination between the girl who has a chauffeur and the girl who is under the Financial Assistance Scheme. And yes, we talk a lot! You will never be bored around a Cedarian. Even though we are conscious of our reputation as an elite school, everyone is humble and hardworking. It's collective encouragement that keeps us going.

The people I've met in Cedar really opened my eyes to a whole new world. I cannot help but smile when I think about the strong bonds we've fostered between one another. Even if I didn't know someone, the moment we realise we are both Cedarians, there would be this tingling sense of comfort and intimacy between us.

That said, I do agree that the level of stress there is very high - but it is a sure-fire way to keep us on the right track. I remember how much I resented the lectures we would get for producing results below average, but when I look back upon it I do see that it was worth my hard work. Everyone has something they dislike about their school, about the management or the people in it, but that does not mean that Cedar isn't home to me.

P.S. The teachers of the Mathematics department are all gems. They are the most dedicated, driven, passionate and patient teachers. Their notes are excellently prepared and they are always more than willing to give us extra lessons or consultations. Their work ethic and their relationship towards students, especially weaker ones like myself, has definitely made a huge difference to my attitude towards the subject.

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Elite is good?

I definitely struggled to juggle both my academics as well as my CCA. Practice hours could stretch all the way till 8pm, after which I had to travel an hour to return home. I failed countless exams, lacked sleep and was constantly on the verge of giving up at first. Thank God things picked up for me after a year.

Despite the tough times, I still managed to look forward to school more often than not! Friends helped each other pull through the hard days. Surprisingly, the teachers chipped in too. Truthfully, I couldn’t have done it without them. I also owe the days I managed to endure to my parents who placed me in a girls’ school. Boy problems = ZERO.

Besides that, I enjoyed having what they called the Cedar Spirit. Basically, it's the spirit of teamwork and cheeringt! Canteen food was just mediocre, and it got a little dull for the Muslims (like me) as there was only 1 halal stall.

Well, I can’t say that I’ll miss school. The competitiveness I faced from all sides was far greater than that I hoped for. Nevertheless, it's a recommended school for the tough and for the girls up for many challenges!

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