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TKGS is an autonomous government school with a strong reputation for providing holistic education and achieving academic, performing arts and sports excellence.


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Applying to TKG after my PSLE results were released was a spur of the moment thing, but I can’t say I’ve regretted it. I assumed the school was full of shrieking bimbos but man, was I wrong.

TKGS, like any other school, has its fair share of bimbos and shallow people, but look past them and you’ll find a warm and accepting school community.

I remember the numerous ‘Operation Cleanups’ that we had, where we dusted, swept and wiped our classrooms to spotlessness. Throwing water and wet rags at one another was a must after such an occasion.

The hall, no matter how warm and stuffy it was, was the beginning and end of my TKGS Journey. I received my school badge on my first day of school there, and four years later, I hugged my friends as we wept about graduating in the very same hall.

To any girl thinking about taking a leap of faith into the unknown, I say take it. I can’t guarantee you’ll come out unchanged, but you will make memories that last a lifetime.

In the end, the chances we regret are those we don’t take, after all.

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(Updated: December 27, 2012)

Its an experience meant to last a lifetime!

Once a TKGian, always a TKGian, so the saying goes. TKGS is a wonderful school that treats all its girls as special ladies, no matter how beautiful, ugly, happy or unhappy, every TKGian has her own place in the school. Even the cleaners there treat you like their own.

I remember going through a difficult phase in TKGS and while I was not popular, everyone, from the cleaners to the teachers, take pains to make me happy. It is truly remarkable how much kindness was shown to me in that school alone. I attribute my confidence in facing troubles in life today to my time in TKGS.

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Once a TKGian, Always a TKGian

My secondary school experience has been nothing short of wonderful. I remember the first time stepping into Tanjong Katong Girls' School and was immediately greeted by the sight of green uniform littered all over the foyer.
Later on, we would all joke that we could lie on the field and and our uniform would act as camouflage!

I had easily taken a liking to a group of girls in my class and we became inseparably close. My best friend and I to this day remember how we used to bear the long queues at our school's Western stall. We could spend nearly 10 minutes waiting (mind you, we only had half an hour) but the baked macaroni and shephard's pie was utterly delicious. On Wednesdays, we'd buy both dishes each and our friendship was forged based on our love for food.

I will never forget those moments. They say that you will never leave secondary school unchanged and for me, no matter what happens in life, I am glad that I have those good experiences to look back with joy and perhaps a touch of longing.

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