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A Catholic girls school with history dating all the way from 1879


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Beautiful Architecture

St. Anthony’s Canossian was my alma mater, the first school that I attended in all my years of schooling. Although I was only there for 3 short years, I did learn a lot in those years and experienced many things.

Because it is an all girls’ school, gossiping is inevitable. That is one thing I did not enjoy about St Anthony’s. Even at a young age of only 7-9 years old, girls had learnt to bully each other and gossip about each other. In this aspect, St Anthony’s is no different from other girls’ schools.

That aside, I have always thought that the architecture of St Anthony’s was beautiful with its pure white walls and sky blue roofs. Even the design of the school is unconventional as it looks like a giant church. There is also a chapel in the school which is extremely beautiful. However, construction works are currently underway and I am not sure what they are going to change.

The secondary and primary school side is linked so to go to the school bookshop you have to hop over to the secondary side of the school. I think it is quite an interesting concept as the school is really connected as one. The teachers are also mostly very kind apart from the few usual grumpy ones. The principle during my time was Sister Angela and she was very kind too. It was this school that moulded me into having the values that I have today; to have patience for others and live in a way you are proud of.

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