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According to Principal Mr Lee Yan Kheng, TKSS strives to provide a meaningful educational experience, one that pushes TKsians’ personal boundaries for learning and character development.


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Most memorable four years of my life

As an alumni of Tanjong Katong Secondary School (TK), I returned to the school compound occassionally to reminisce the carefree days. The thirteen year old me only worried about being able to eat the savoury chicken rice before it got sold out during lunch, performing well in the English drama club and netball, and rushing to class at ungodly hours to study for tests.

In my final year, the school was practically my home. With books flipped open and sprawled across one of the benches lined outside the library, I spent hours every other day preparing for my O level examinations. Of course, I was not alone in that stressful journey. With my schoolmates and teachers alongside me, the feeling of being "in it together" filled the atmosphere and I couldn't help but feel a sense of belonging back then.

Even four years after graduation, there is a part of me that will always miss being a part of the school. It was a place where I met my best friends, where we hung out so late that we got chased away. I guess that I will forever remain a TK girl at heart.

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For Math and Science Lovers only

TKSS has provided me with a rather fun school experience(of course, with the exception of the grueling Os), I must say, not merely from textbook-bound lessons in class, but also from life lessons that the school has provided me. Camps to Bintan, OBS and community activities have enriched and offered me a broader perspective of life, which have fuelled my desire to serve the community. Now, I love participating in CIP activities,and no, not to get CIP hours(Yes I know what you are thinking!) , but purely to help the needy. I love that TKSS inculcates the spirit of charity in its students.

While so, TKSS is not without its demerits. Its expertise being on Math and Science, this is not a suitable school for Humanities lovers like me. The school is also not likely a good choice for students who excel in Mother Tongue.

Furthermore,while most teachers are kind and caring, there has been a recent influx of an excessive amount of trainee teachers who lack the needed experience. Perhaps this is why the school's entry COP(cut off points) has dwindled over the past years.

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