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One of the nation's largest sporting goods retailers, Sportslink Group operates well over 30 stores island-wide here in Singapore. With over 20 years in business, they offer the sports and outdoors enthusiasts a broad selection of footwear, apparel, accessories and equipment at the best value.

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Changed Impressions

"I need to go to Sportslink and get my Nike Water Bottle."

I had just lost my Nike Spray bottle on the Cruise that I had boarded and needed to get a new one. Sportslink was always the place that I had associated to carrying all the sports items anyone needed. Back in the days when the spray bottle Nike bottle was in fashion, Sportslink was the only sports shop that carried the colour I wanted - Metallic or sky blue. Every other shop carried a limited range that paled in comparison to Sportslink.

But even then, while Sportslink may have left me an impression that they did carry a variety of stocks for a certain item, I am certain that they only stock up on the items that are the best selling. Seeing some of the small shop spaces of Sportslink now makes me wonder why I had thought of them as a one-stop sports shop back then. Now, they barely seem capable of carrying a varied range of items.

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The pull up bar at home has faithfully served me for almost a year, and yet is still going strong. This wonderful piece of equipment was purchased at Sportslink, which I felt was a world class store for all the basic sporting equipment you need.

Sportslink specialises in sporting apparel and accessories. From Adidas, Nike, Reebok to Brooks and China brand Li-Ning, a range of good quality items is up for sale here. Every occasion I had to visit Sportslink, I'm often spoilt for choice, between the Yonex badminton racket I want to the nike basketball to the pair of Adidas running shoes.

Although prices are high, the quality of goods is justifiable. Moreover, when compared to other shops such as Royal Sporting House, Sportslink actually comes across as cheaper. However, one disadvantage of Sportslink is that it does not have year end reductions that Royal Sporting House touts, which can go up to 80% off in some cases.

The staff at Sportslink too were friendly and affable. When I was sourcing for a new pull-up bar, a staff member approached me and took it upon himself to explain where they import the merchandise from, how reliable can I expect it to be (5 years) and even how to fix the pull up bar at home. I was quite impressed indeed with the level of customer service.

Overall, a good place to visit for sporting equipment!

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Nothing Much

I think Sportslink is a great outlet to go to for sporting goods, because they have many outlets around Singapore and they also have different brands within the store. They also dangle great discounts and sales once in a while, so do keep a lookout for those! The staff there are also polite and offer great customer service and they never make me feel like I am inconveniencing them.

Apart from that, Sportslink doesn't stand out much for me because there are many substitutes available and there is no one clear reason why I should buy from them. For example. I can go to Queensway Shopping Centre where there are so many more shops that I can choose from. Sportslink may also be slightly more expensive, because they are usually located in shopping malls. Hence, I suggest going to Queensway for sporting goods instead because of the variety and slight price differences.

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So the other day, I went to the Sportslink outlet situated at Hougang Mall.

Well, the outlet is generally well-kept, with neat allocations and assortments of the different brands available there such as Nike, Adidas, Anta, as well as the different types of sports equipments that are available in store.

This made it very easy to search for the specific brand I was looking out for and admittedly enhanced my shopping experience there!

Fortunately, the shop attendants were sensitive to my needs and knew when is the right time to stay away to allow me some private moments to consider my choices.

There was one time when I bought the wrong waterbottle at a more expensive price and I asked for a refund; refunds were not allowed there and the shop attendant very kindly and politely explained to me and suggested choosing one other product so I can make it up to the same budget.

Thumbs up for their customer service!

What I would like to point out though is that the outlet there is pretty small and limited in the variety of products and brands - I eventually didn't manage to get the haversack because the designs available there was too little and therefore unappealing.

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(Updated: May 08, 2013)

True Underdog

Sportslink is the store that offers a wide array of basic necessities. For the sports sector, that is. Shoes, gymming equipments, socks, balls, bandages. They're all there. Furthermore, Sportslink outlets are frequently located strategically at the heart of a hustling and bustling environment. Inaccessibility is out of the question. These brilliant marketing strategies left Sportslink with little room for complaint?

Despite the wide array of basic necessities sold there, none of the shoes displayed there were oozing any form of uniqueness. The basic necessities had designs that revolved around the word 'Basic'. Yawn. I wasn't impressed. Where were the unique designed kicks that I yearned for? Where were the luminous high cut sneakers? The light weight neon running shoes?

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Accessibility and affordability
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Wide variety; great offers!

Sportslink house a wide variety of brands -- from well established international brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance to rapidly rising brands from China such as Erke and Anta. The best thing about Sportslink is that they have promotions for most of their shoes and apparel, renewed every season.

For those people looking for a less expensive pair of running shoes, Anta is definitely the way to go. A brand new pair of Anta shoes can cost as cheap as only $29.90 per pair! Of course, don't expect it to be of superior quality for the price you pay.

Unknown to most people, Sportslink also has their sister shop Hoops Factory, specially catered for selling basketball goods. However, there are only two of such outlets in Singapore, one at Yishun Northpoint and the other at Tampines 1. Basketball fanatics, do check them out!

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Generally very reliable

Sportslink's offers a good variety of sports equipment that come from trustworthy sports retailers, be it clothes, shoes, rackets, balls, knee guards etc etc Whenever I come into their store I am greeted by a plethora of colours that shows the wide range of fashionable apparel there. sadly, most of the time I walk out empty-handed, scared by their prices. But that's not the store's fault la haha.

The service is not bad once you approach them, but you get this elite sense from these people. Perhaps it;s because they have an arsenal of sports knowledge that they are ready to throw at you so I will feel very small when I'm near them.

Sportslink's key is their convenience. They have branches all around Singapore which makes it easy to get our sports aspirations. The branch will determine the variety of the products. Of the three I frequent, Clementi Mall, West Mall, and Kallang Leisure Park; Clementi Mall & Kallang leisure park has the largest variety. I love to go there sometimes to just walk in awe of the high-standard equipment.

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I love digging through their bargain bins

I used to run very frequently and I wear out my running shoes in double quick time. At my peak, I was using 3 pairs of training shoes, 2 pairs for racing and 1 pair of spikes for track-work. Shoes alone can cost quite a fair bit.

I visit Sportslink whenever I need new shoes and I dig through their on-sale offerings for good deals and there are plenty of them. I remembered getting 3 pairs of New Balance 1023s for $60 a pair (savings of $70 per pair). I also discovered the Chinese brand Erke. I tried one of their racing flats selling for $49 and it performed as well as the more expensive, non-Chinese brands. That $49 pair still exists now (been 3.5 years), though I have retired them from racing use but still they are good for casual wear or the odd walk.

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For the fitness fanatics.

This place sells all types and varieties of sports related things, from sports shoes, sneakers, socks, sports wear etc.

They hold many brands, from Nike to Adidas, for customers to choose from. There would too much choices even. Whether you play badminton, soccer or swimming, if you ever need any sports gear, here is the place to come. There are offers and discounts given here also, it would be better to get your goods here rather at the specialised retail stores like the nike store.

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