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#04-03 Hillview Warehouse 29, Hillview Terrace Singapore 669245
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Listing created by Enharlequin on August 19, 2012    

Hvper sport lists themselves as the "skate specialist", and you can get most skate related goods from them. Mini decks, skateboards, recreational and aggressive skates, even longboards and ice skates.

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Patient and knowledgeable staff!

I just bought a pair of skates from their outlet in tradehub21 a dew days ago and I was impressed by their service. When I first stepped into the store, a male sales person immediately stepped up to ask if I needed any help. However, he wasn't able to answer many of my questions related to the Seba skates so another female sales person came up to explain things to me.

She wasn't pushy at all and was very patient in answering all my questions about the different skates. Even when recommending me certain skates, she made sure to understand what I was looking for and my skating standard before telling me her picks.

It was a pleasant experience and I was glad that the staff there was knowledgeable enough to attend to my needs. I felt so much more reassured in investing so much in that pair of skates.

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My first pair of roller blades were bought from this very store when I was a kid. I really loved walking into this store when it still had it branch in shopping malls because I would always find myself looking at many other roller blades of different wheels, designs and so on. There was always something about this shop that I found really interesting because it sold the most unorthodox sporting equipment like skateboards, and even has staff with knowledge and experience to advice on the products.

Perhaps there is somewhat of a sentimental connected to the shop because it was one of my favorite childhood shops where I would walk in and find myself looking at almost everything in awe. The pair of roller blades that I own today are still from this shop, after much advice and consideration after speaking to the staff at the shop. I find myself willing to trust them because they provide more professional advice, that is genuine and sincere rather than advising to purchase the most expensive products. They also have custom gears in which one can change and re-invent the wheels or other parts on the blades or skateboard. For the enthusiastic beginner, I would definitely recommend this place.

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Wide selection of products

Being a rollerblader (aggressive inline), I find it tough to pick out good shops in Singapore to buy my skating goods from. There are other shops that are better established and more specialized than Hvper Sports, but Hvper has a larger variety of sporting equipment. However, what makes Hvper the “go-to” shop for me is the quality service of a particular staff. As far as skate shops go, the products are all the same. A pair of skates bought from one shop would be the same if you bough from another, given that you buy the same brand and model. What sets Hvper apart from other stores would be the service I received on the first visit, and many visits after. The staff was friendly and helpful, not your typical sales representatives. Your money is safe and you get your money’s worth. Recommendations are actually based on the durability and practicality of the product as opposed to how much money the shop will make from it, and with the staff being a skater, it makes it easier to get a trustworthy recommendation for beginner skaters.

Servicing of the products are also free to a certain extent. Removal of brakes from skates bought at their store, replacing the axel, and changing the screws are free of charge. The store sells a wide range of products, covering both the niche market and the general selection. Products carried include aggressive inline skates, inline and slalom skates, speed skates, skateboards, mini pennies/mini decks, longboards, ice skates, wave boards, heelies, scooters, protective gear, apparel and wheels. Smaller parts such as bearings and spacers are also sold, and stock is pretty up to date with the market. However, be wary as some of the staff are not as good as the one I have experienced. The staff that I prefer usually works at the SCAPE or Novena outlets. For a wholesome coverage on all your skating needs, visit Hvper Sports and you will not be disappointed.

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