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Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is a home-grown pet retail and service chain that was founded in 1973 as a family hobby business. The company only rapidly grew since the second generation of the Ng family took over in 1995. Since then, they have expanded to Malaysia and eventually to Asia. To date, it is the largest pet chain store within Singapore and Malaysia. The offer pet related services such as Grooming Centres, Veterinary Clinics, Dog Bakery, Sale of Puppies, Home Delivery, Dog Training, Pet Taxi and Puppy Bonus Planning.

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Convenient isn't the only key to brand success.

Let's start with a game, I will give a short description of items and you will tell me the first shop/brand that crosses your mind.

Affordable and chic furnitures?
Lots of variety of local street food?
Fashionable and hippy fabrics?
Variety of pet's food and necessities?

The answer to the first three, will definitely involves - IKEA, CHOMP CHOMP and HAJI LANE.
And obviously, the last would be Pet Lover Centre.

One of the two dominating names in Singapore featuring sales of pets, pet's food and accessories.

Of course, you can deny the fact that they are everywhere.

I own two lovely dogs, and am an avid dog lover, i am the kind that speaks to all dog owners, so that will make me vulnerable to pet's shop - if you own a pet, you will know, one toy is never enough to fulfill your furry's hunger to destroy the stuffed playmate especially those that squeak.

I've been to a couple outlet, Vivocity, Nex, Katong 112, Parkway Parade, Siglap Centre, Holland Village, Heartland Mall(Kovan) and many other outlets ...

I would say, the ambience is suffocating but i couldn't turn my attention to the wide variety of things they have for all sort of pets, flying, swimming, crawling, running and sleeping.

Once you step into the shop, the first worry is that you hope that your bag or sleeves doesn't get caught with the product that is displayed so packed that you are literally swimming in their pool of products. How could anyone be at ease of mind to shop when they are so afraid that they might drop something? Space, everyone needs some space.

Next, i know Singapore is otherwise known as Lion city, we are somehow affiliated to the feline family, but your pathetic range of dogs product really discriminate dogs lover, it's nice to always see what feline stuff you have, like scratch post, litter boxes and litters refill but come on, these are kept at home, once you bought it - No one else is ever going to buy plenty of it to use as keepsake. But things like leashes, collars etc .. these are things that people will keep buying - i've two dogs but i've like 30 different leashes for different occasion.

Enlarge your zone of canine's accessories. Bring in mentally challenging toys and games for them instead of those Made in China yet filled with Japanese writings, artificially colored treats.

One last thing is that yes, you might be business orientated, but animals is a life, always give genuine advices to your customer. I remember overhearing at the outlet in NEX, an owner is frustrated that the new puppy is very picky of food, the staff suggested, buying severals different food and let the puppy choose. What are we doing here? Sales gimmick?

Think about it, online platforms is growing day by day, sooner or later, people are just going to be conveniently sitting in front of their desktop or tablets, scrolling through cheaper alternative of pet's accessories. So better think on how to retain your domineering hold of this industry.

Sincerely, a concerned woof woof's parent.

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Vivocity, Nex, Katong 112, Parkway Parade, Siglap Centre, Holland Village, Heartland Mall(Kovan) and many other outlets
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What about our furry giants?

On occasion, I would visit the PLC in Parkway in search of some treats for my dog as well as take the time to fawn over the adorable hamsters in the little display cases at the front. The vast variety of pet treats available always makes it a frustratingly fun choice to browse through all the different brands and types of treats and having to decide if my dog would prefer a beef stick or chicken pellets. (spoiler alert: she eats anything!)

One thing that I am not particularly ecstatic about, would be that while the variety of treats available practically can take up an entire aisle, the variety of harnesses and collars for dogs is pathetically tiny. Furthermore, many of these collars and harnesses are for tiny toy dogs and I have yet to find a harness that can actually fit my poor dog's broad chest and shoulders! Perhaps, PLC should look into stocking up some accessories for the medium to larger-sized dogs as well, lest our furry giants have to roam around our houses without a collar to its name! My family also does not purchase any of my dog's kibble food from PLC as they largely stock individual small cans of wet dog food for smaller breeds (which is ridiculously expensive), and the dry kibble sold there is much more expensive than if you buy a cheaper brand in a hyper market.

Overall, I would say that owners of larger dogs would be left rather disappointed with the limited range of accessories available for bigger-sized dogs. However, I would recommend checking out their vast range of pet treats, where there are even specialised dental chew sticks for puppies and older dogs!

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Wide variety, great service, but marked up price

Being an absolute pet lover, I would enter this shop whenever I pass by it for a quick round, stopping in front of the display cages of hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas and just almost drooling over the cuteness.

It has many outlets across the island which makes it ultra convenient for busy pet lovers, which possibly explained the marked up price. The staff are very helpful and quite knowledgeable in regards to the food you should give your pets according to its age and conditions etc.

I have purchased in PLC for quite a while and I realised how the price is quite high compared to the other small pet shops. For bunny's supplies, like hay, bedding and pellets alike the price at PLC is around $8 more, and for small treats like garden herbs it can get $3 higher. Ever since I found a cheaper store in Serangoon (the famous pets street with all the birds), I just switch over, and the owner at that store is really helpful and professional with her knowledge.

Though I have a VIP card at PLC, I seldom use it, since the benefits is almost negligible to me (5 % with purchase over $15). For a big bag of hay, it's around $26 and after 5% discount, I have to pay $24.7, where I can easily get an equally fresh bag of hay for $18.

What is really commendable is the variety of products they have, and they are always bringing new treats, toys and pellets. Sometimes, I would be intrigued with their treats and would just walk home with it. It is just the staple products I wouldn't get there due to the price factor. They always stock up on their products so there is this secure factor that you can rely on when purchasing from them.

PLC is a place that I know I can fall back on if there's a lack of supply or I just simply have no time to head down to Serangoon.

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Ang Mo Kio
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Favourite pet store!

PLC has been one of my all time favourite pet store! I have a pet dog and guinea pig at home, and yes I do spend quite alot of time and money on them.

Usually I will drop by at any of the PLC outlet to get their food. It's good to shop there as there will be a pet consultant there in each outlet who will guide you along the way about the diet your pet should be having and will recommend you the right food item to get for your pet.

However, some items such as the bedding for my guinea pig I will get from online pet stores instead as instead of just less than $30 which I usually got online. PLC are selling at more than $40! And at times, it's pretty tedious to carry such a big pack of bedding back home while the online pet store will send it straight to your house.

However, still no matter what I still love going to PLC due to the wide variety they are carrying! Sometimes I will just drop by to take a look at their new pets' items and see just buy a few for my babies at home!

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wide variety
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The Pet People

I visit Pet Lovers' Centre many times a year to frequently shop for miscellaneous items for my puppy. The one thing that always impresses me are the knowledgeable and the product information they dispense. There has never been a time where I'm forced to ask someone else for advice because the sales staff are always there and ever-helpful.

Though the prices may be a bit on the expensive side, I can assure you that there is no compromise on quality. The different varieties on their product range is quite impressive and there is also the added bonus of seeing the adorable little puppies and hamsters run around in their enclosures!

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Good service!

I've been there once or twice and let me just say that it's a paradise for pets lovers, the store includes a variety of products ranging from pets toys, different kind of cages, pet food, even water is sold there for some specific types of pets. I've been to other pet stores too but by far this is the best in terms of variety of items sold, cleanliness and service, a staff there once told me that different people have different needs thus they will try their best to satisfy everyone, this is the attitude of customer services that i'm looking for.

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Helpful Staff!

Pet Lovers Centre is where I bought my hamster and what I like most about the place is that if you're confused or lost, the staff will try and help you solve your problems and needs. For instance, I didn't know what were the things to buy for my hamster. The staff gave me advice and told me what was necessary for the hamster. He recommended the type of cage and the food to buy. I also signed up for a membership because of the advantages of being a member. I could buy things at a much cheaper price. This would come in handy as you would need to buy your pet food from them later on.

Those who wish to buy other pets, there were rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, and freshwater creatures like terrapins and hermit crabs. If you require assistance, do not hesitate to approach their staff as they are friendly and will help you.

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great pet store!!

I have two kittens at home and whenever I need to stock up on essentials, PLC would be my first stop. I live about 6 bus stops away from the nearest PLC and I've been there so many times I am even friends with the people who work there.

This pet store is very well-stocked and they even have an in-house vet (they wear a blue coat instead of a red polo-tee) to advise you on what food/products to get depending on your pet's condition and age. It is always good to know that you are in good hands when you are there as you will be more confident of the choice of product you make. If you compare PLC to those random pet stores around, it is easy to see why PLC is thriving.

PLC's prices are very competitive and they definitely do not have marked-up prices like some other pet stores. I find that the daily essentials and food and treats are very affordable. Even brands like Science Diets and Wellness, they do not have overly marked-up prices. There are still specific items that are expensive though. Niche items like pet trolleys are sold at $300+ and I found the exact one somewhere else for $180. So I would say some stuff are worth and some are not. It's wise to do research first. But if you are only looking for a trusty pet food / supplies store, then definitely head to PLC!

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Easy to say why they're so successful

Pet Lovers Centre is a one stop shop for animal owners, whether you have a pet dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, bird, or chinchilla. They sell an impressive variety of products, ranging from pet snacks and food to hygiene products to beds to toys. Most outlets sell some breeds of hamsters as well, if you are interested in owning one. If you are a member, you get discounts too! I always buy snacks and chewing bones for my pet Shih Tzu from them as they are affordable and there are so many different types of snacks. However, I find that most of the toys sold there are rather expensive, even though some claim to be beneficial for their dental hygiene and whatnot.

Apart from that, I am a happy customer!

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Wide variety of pet products, awesome customer service

As I have a dog whom I love dearly, Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is like a shopping playground for me. The bigger branches at Nex and Vivocity have a huge variety of pet products such as food, toys, accessories and daily necessities. Some of the PLC branches also provide grooming services for pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits.

I almost always have a great experience at PLC because I can always find what I want. They seem to replenish their stock on a frequent basis and that ensures that customers don't make a wasted trip to their stores and leave disappointed at not having been able to buy what they came for. Their products (especially the food products) have frequent promotions and you can always find a good deal or two.

I always find myself spending a longer time than I should at PLC. They have too many great products I want to buy to pamper my pet with! Just take their food section as an example. They have a wide range of different brands of pet food and treats that owners would be spoilt for choice at which brand they should choose.

The PLC staff are extremely helpful and friendly and I have had a few encounters in which the staff went the extra mile to ensure a great customer experience. If you have doubts about any products, just approach any of the staff and they will explain and clear your doubts patiently.

If you have a pet and want a one-stop place to shop for your pets' needs, PLC is the place to go. With a clean and neat store layout, great variety of products and friendly staff, it's all that you and your pet needs.

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