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Ho Mei Yin
Listing created by Ho Mei Yin on December 02, 2013    

The Pet Safari is a chain of pet stores that sells pet-related accessories. All outlets have a specific theme regarding the design concept which aims to provide its cutomer with a fufilling and enjoyable experience in their stores. Pets are also allowed within their store premises and pet care consultants with the relevant vet training and experience are also on-site to make recommendations and dish out advice to worried pet owners. The Pet Safari also provides other services such as grooming services and vetenarians, as well as pet cafes and pet bakeries.

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Monday - Friday : 12pm to 8:30pm Saturday - Sunday: 11pm to 8:30pm

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really cute theme, extensive range of products

Pet Safari is my favourite place to shop for my furry friends! Their concept is really fun, channeling theme park/safari vibes and encompassing everything from grooming services to pet bakeries.
The store’s pet care consultants are really helpful, offering advice on the best products for my dog and the bundle deals available. There’s a huge variety of products to choose from, and the store is organised really well and categorised for the customers’ convenience. Once I was looking for dog shampoo, but there were so many different brands that I had a hard time choosing. A friendly staff member approached me and recommended the best brands for my dog’s fur type, explaining the difference between them in detail. All their branches also offer sweet and savoury treats for dogs by US Doggie Bakery, including cupcakes and tingkat meals which my dog adores.

The biggest drawback would be that Pet Safari prices things a lot higher than neighbourhood stores, granted their variety is much larger. I usually get dog treats and toys from Pet Safari, but for items I buy in bulk like food I suggest looking to shops closer to the heartlands.

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One stop shopping place for pet needs

As the owner of three cats, pet stores are like the pet version of supermarkets to me. I love going to pet stores to get cat tidbits, new chew toys, scratch posts and all that. Pet Safari at Vivo offers grooming services, carries a huge range of pet supplies and sells pets as well! So if you're thinking of buying a pet, this will be the place to go to (don't buy pets though, it will be better to adopt!!!).

One of my cats fell sick recently and my vet advised me to get Feliway - a synthetic hormonal spray that will relax cats who have symptoms and illnesses associated with stress. The vet told me that not many pet stores in Singapore carry the product so I might have to do quite a bit of finding. I couldn't find it in many pet stores and didn't want to buy it online because I needed it urgently. Alas, I found it at pet safari. Thank god!!!

I asked the staff for it (didn't want to waste time scouring through the store that day) and he got it for me and even explained the difference between the spray bottle and the electronic diffuser. Very helpful and informative! Prices are slightly more expensive than other neighborhood pet stores but the people here are knowledgeable, helpful and the wide variety makes it convenient to just get everything at one place and this convenience far outweighs the slight mark-up in price! So if you're looking to get your pet supplies at one place, this is the place to go to.

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wide variety of petstuffs

As an animal lover and the proud owner of a dog and two rabbits, I make it a point to drop by the Nex outlet when I'm visiting the mall to check out their latest product offerings, and of course take a look at the cute animals for sale there.

They stock a wide range of petstuffs, and their staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, usually offering to help you make recommendations for your own pets.

However, one downside is the steep prices of their items. In comparison to petshops in Serangoon North, or online petshops, their products can be significantly more expensive. For instance, a pack of rabbit food I bought there cost $21, whereas online the very same bag retails for $17.

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Expensive products but a huge selection to choose from

I always love to venture into this shop. Stacked neatly onto the shelves made from wood to mimic a safari are pet supplies. Upon entering this shop, I'm always hit by a musky smell - up to today I still can't tell if it's the animals or the pet supplies - which is slightly unique and friendly at the same time.

Foraging deeper into the shop, I usually reach the little enclosures where puppies are kept to be sold to customers. However, what I love the most about Pet Safari is the little pet cafe that they have where they sell pet food such as cakes and cookies for dogs. Although it was a little tempting to pack one home for my little puppy, the price was a turn off.

While this place has a huge selection of supplies and occasionally some weird finds - sea monkeys or pets of a similar function - the prices are higher than usual. This means that I usually just come into this shop to take a quick look before exiting. Other pet shops that are situated nearer to the heartlands sell the same products at a more reasonable price.

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