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Dragon Horse Bird's Nest Seafood Tonic

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Listing created by equina on April 15, 2013    

Specialises in dried abalone, bird's nests, scallops, sea cucumbers, shark fins, mushrooms, chinese herbs, ginseng & medicine.

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Largest Variety of Dried Foods

Dragon Horse brand is very well-known for its large variety of dried foods. It has two outlets, the bigger outlet is at Albert Centre, on the 3rd floor together with many other stalls selling dried and preserved foods. The prices are definitely much lower than those offered in supermarkets. I casually asked around the other dried food stalls in Albert Centre about the prices of some of their foods, and it seems that Dragon Horse brand offers the lowest prices.

My family patronises the outlet at Albert Centre mainly for its wide variety of nuts, goji (wolfberries) and other sweet snacks like hawthorne. The great thing about the nuts, other than the low prices, is they're unprocessed, which means they're healthier with no salt added. Nuts we like include walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds and pine nuts.

Recently, the stall introduced a new dessert for us--a seawood jelly called Arkon Coral Seaweed Jelly, which also includes brown sugar, red dates and dried longans. By the time I got home, I forgot the preparation instructions given by the staff, but fortunately, the instructions were written on the wrapper. The coral seaweed jelly is sweet-tasting and yummy, and judging by the ingredients, also healthy.

As nuts are staple snacks in my family, it has become our family tradition to visit the Dragon Horse brand at Albert Centre. I highly recommend it especially to nut-lovers.

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