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Tong Heng is known for its traditional Chinese New Year goodies such as New Year Cakes and pineapple tarts and mooncakes. 

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Delightful traditional egg tarts!

Having over 80 years of practice in perfecting their recipe, Tong Heng has risen to become a beloved household name for traditional pastries. Located at Chinatown, it is not uncommon to see long queues that sometimes snake out of the storefront, and for good reason too!

They offer a variety of traditional pastries ranging from egg tarts to wife biscuits, to even charsiew puffs! My favorite would be their diamond-shaped egg tarts due to its smooth and silky custard that has just the right balance of egg to sugar ratio. The crust of the tart is flaky and light, complimenting the custard perfectly. If you bought takeaways, do place it in the oven for a bit to allow the crust to be re-baked into a divine crust.

With their honed skills and perfected recipe, it’s no wonder that their pastries are rapidly snapped up with every new batch!

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(Updated: May 18, 2014)

Awesome Egg Tarts !!!

I have to admit I am not big into traditional confectionery. But all that changed one evening when my wife brought some egg tarts from Tong Heng, especially their coconut egg tarts. It was then that I realised that the tarts were from a shop which I passed by umpteen times whenever I visited the Smith Street food belt, which is just directly across from Tong Heng. It is also short walk from the Maxwell Food Centre car park fringe.

Tong Heng literally "grew up" with Singapore as it started business since the 1900s, and is a fave spot for traditional Chinese pastries like babies 'full month' cakes, bean paste pastries, "lao po pin" (literally translated, it's mean "wives biscuit"), and a wide range of oldies stuff. They also serve hot/cold desserts like black sesame soup, red bean paste, etc which can be consumed at the shop.

But the piece-de-resistance had to be their egg tarts which is most make a beeline for. It comes in flavours - original and coconut. The crust are flaky and have a crisp bite to it. And of course, the egg custard is creamy smooth, not too sweet and slide down your throat effortlessly. For the coconut version, the strips of shredded coconuts added a nice crunchy texture and of course, coconutty taste. It is great that the tarts are baked in batches and sells out briskly. For takeaways, you might like to warm it up in the toaster for 2 min before eating it.

* Tong Heng have another branch at Jurong Point Shopping Centre (#B1-10). But I hesitate to recommend their egg tarts from that outlet as it have a slight hint of sour aftertaste (which seemed to originate from the crust). I have enquired with staff from the main branch on this issue but received an inconclusive feedback. Perhaps it's quality consistency was affected by high turnover of staff.

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The egg tarts
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Sweet Nothings

Tong Heng is a bit of a Chinatown institution. I am aware that quite a few people have taken issue with the quality of service as well as the alleged mediocrity of the merchandise, but I have yet to have a bad experience here.

This place thrives because of its location (conveniently located next to Maxwell Food Centre), the fact that it opens till late (I just dropped by at 9:45pm today for a take-away) and the lack of competition nearby (there simply isn't any other similar business in the vicinity).

I'm not a fan of hot (black/white sesame, almond, red bean etc) paste dessert. I've been told by my mum that it tastes adequate but its nothing earth-shattering - apparently the ones served at the other famous dessert cafe, Mei Heong Yuen, on Temple Street are superior.

I do love their egg tarts (the house specialty). They do these in a cute diamond shape instead of the usual circle and have the right balance of sweet and eggy.

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