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Importer of ready packed and loose chinese tea leaves.

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Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm, Sat: 9am - 4pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
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(Updated: February 22, 2013)

Lowest Priced Tea Leaves in Singapore

Amoy Tea is a little-known small Chinese tea shop located near Aljunied MRT station. To get there from Aljunied station, cross the overhead bridge along Aljunied Road, and walk towards Sims Drive with the MRT tracks on your left. It takes less than 15 min to reach the shop.

From the name, you can guess it specialises in tea from Fujian, as Amoy is a Xiamen dialect, and Xiamen is a city in the Fujian province in China. In addition to Fujian teas, it also sells other types of popular teas, herbs and flowers.

I got to know about this tea shop from a friend who is a tea-lover. This tea shop does not do any marketing. It has no email address, no website, and no facebook page. The shop is not well decorated--in fact, it looks like a provision shop. It has neither manpower nor space for customers to do tea-tasting. Its location is not even in Chinatown. So, where does this shop get its customers from?

Amoy Tea has been in Singapore for more than 40 years, and it is very well-known among the elderly, especially the Hokkiens. Its loyal customers are the elderly and their descendents and friends. I have yet to ask my friend how she got to know this tea shop, since she is obviously not a first-generation customer.

The key selling point about this tea shop is it sells quality tea leaves at low prices, much lower than other Chinese tea shops in Singapore. It will not surprise me to find its prices lower than tea retailers in major cities in China. Also, although it does not provide tea-sampling services, it does serve whatever tea the owner or the assistant is drinking to the customers.

For this shop, I would recommend the following teas and herbs:
1) White-Haired Silver Needles (白毫银针) - The king of all white teas, and it costs only $22 for 100g, including the canister. This tea is made up of only tea buds, no tea leaves.
2) White Peony (白牡丹) - If White-Haired Silver Needle is the king of white teas, White Peony is the queen. Price is only $9 for 100g, including canister.
3) Iron Goddess (铁观音) - Popular oolong tea from Fujian. Amoy Tea sells various types of this tea.
4) Oolong teas from Mt. Wuyi - Fans of this type of tea will love them, but unfortunately I am not able to comment much because I'm not a fan
5) Pu-er (普洱) - Very famous post-fermented tea from Yunnan. Unlike most teas which are better drunk fresh, post-fermented teas are better drunk aged. Amoy Tea stocks a great variety of them.
6) Dian Hong (滇紅) - Popular black tea from Yunnan
7) Liu Bao (六堡) - Post-fermented tea from Guangxi. Costs only $8 for 250g. Tea is contained in a cardboard box, not a canister. Adequate if you don't drink beyond 2 steepings.
8) Dragon Well (龙井) - Green tea from Zhejiang. This is the #1 tea in China, and Amoy Tea has a few types, including the most prestigious Pre-Qingming Lion's Peak Dragon Well (明前狮峰龙井), which costs only $35 for 100g, no canister. Based on the $35 price-tag, I guess the leaves are not of the best grade, but for all but the most fussy tea drinkers, the quality is good enough.
9) Kuding (苦丁) - Very cooling and bitter herb. Very effective for warding off illness due to heatiness in the body
10) Snow tea (雪茶) - A highly prized white lichen native to Yunnan Province that grows on rocks at high elevations (above 4,000m)
11) Gospel herb (绞股蓝) - Also known as the poor man's ginseng, reputed to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure
12) Various types of flowers like osmanthus and roses to enhance the flavours of teas

If you are looking for unusual or less well-known teas, don't expect to find them in the shop, but it has more than enough teas to make a tea-lover happy, especially with the prices. Because it's quite out of the way, my friend and I usually spend more than $100 per visit. Ouch!

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