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Felicia Yeow
Listing created by Felicia Yeow on January 03, 2013    

Hako is a consignment shop which rents out lockers to anyone to sell authentic and licensed products which are not banned for sale in Singapore.

Rental rates: S$80 to S$160 (single lockers)
Commission: 8% of sales

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Opening Hours:
11am -9.30pm
Average Price Range:
< $20

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Makes window-shopping a joy!

Hako is hands-down one of the most interesting stores around. Managed by Simply Toys, Hako is consignment store that rents out locker boxes to anyone who wants to sell his or her goods.

I really enjoy looking through the lockers at Hako, because of the huge variety of things on sale. You can find gadgets, clothes, bags, jewelry, collectibles and more, so it’s definitely a great place to shop if you’re looking for a gift. There are also many novelty items that are rarely sold elsewhere, so that makes shopping at Hako really fun!

The prices at Hako are generally reasonable, but because it is a consignment store, prices are set by individual sellers. It might be a good idea to cross-check the prices between different sellers before purchasing, so that you won’t buy an overpriced product!

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(Updated: January 03, 2013)

Wide range of never-seen-before products

Upon entering the shop, one would see many glass lockers stacked on top of one another or imbedded in the walls. And what makes each locker unique are it's contents! Some are filled with IPhone covers (solid colours, sparkly, printed pictures or customised), others with accessories (rings, earrings, pendents, sunglasses, watches etc. You name it they have it!), figurines, decorative ornaments, fan merchandise and soft toys. There are also some truly unique items like hair crayons (these items follow the trend) and an insane variety of dust caps for phones (the ENTIRE locker is filled with these miniature dust caps). Some of the items are even imported or handmade goods that one cannot get anywhere else!

These items are all tastefully arranged in their lockers by the people renting them, and their prices clearly indicated. When an interested customer comes along, the staff of the shop will promptly open the locked locker and sell the item on behalf of the renter. This shop is especially useful for new blogshop owners who want people to know about their blogshop (though it isn't ideal if it's a clothes blogshop due to limited locker space).

A caution to customers, there is a minority of items (maybe 3 to 4) which are priced higher than the value it is sold at at other shops in Singapore, so be careful about being tricked.

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Unique contents
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