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Braun Buffel
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Braun Buffel and their range of fine leather goods has transforms German leather making into a modern fashion statement.

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Timeless designs

I always follow my mom to this store for some handbag shopping and for this, I always think the design very much appeal to the elderly.

Although the design are more or less always the same and simple, I found the leather wear have their own standards. I adore their soft leather and structured look of each one of their handbag. The price is on par with the quality they have, which I think is extremely fair.

Lately, I noticed the designs are a bit more colorful and maybe to attract younger shoppers, they decided to produce something to suit the younger crowd. This is a good move as I always knew the workmanship, design and quality of the bags are top notch. Definitely a good place for some no frill leather bags.

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The Bull

This is one of the few brands that I will know just by seeing the logo. This brand has the logo of a bull. If you are into stock market, you will like a bull market and this is also the reason I like Braun Buffel. I am keeping a bull in my pocket and hoping the stock market will always be a bull market.

When it comes to designs, I am not too concerned about the current trends but more concerned about practicality. I need a wallet with enough compartments to put my cash, my cards and receipts from my purchases that I would only clear when the wallet looks like it is going to explode. In Braun Buffel, I am able to find such wallets and that is good enough for me.

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Impeccable quality

I don't have the money to shop at Braun Buffel, being a poor student living off my parents' income, but I have the privilege of owning a Braun Buffel wallet because it was a gift from my mum a while back.

Their goods are made of genuine leather, and my wallet is still in pristine collection even though my mum bought the wallet a few years ago. It also has many compartments for me to keep all my cards and miscellaneous things inside.

Compared to other brands, Braun Buffel isn't that expensive so it's quite worth it for the quality you receive.

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Pretty good

My father isn't much of an avid shopper, but he always makes it a point to visit Braun Buffel whenever my family is at Raffles City.

He owns a leather wallet from Braun Buffel, and it's lasted him for about 4 years or more, and the wallet is still holding up pretty well, and the stitches are pretty much intact, although there are mild signs of wear on the leather. As such, the leather from Braun Buffel is definitely of a good quality, and is pretty durable for usual items of its price.

Prices at Braun Buffet aren't very expensive, as it is but a mere middle range brand, so it's great for men who aren't too showy or into the more extravagant goods. I'll probably return to this store soon to get my father a present for his birthday.

The store has a posh feel to it, as the interior of the store is lined with glass. The staff were extremely polite and courteous as well, so I can probably see why my father adores this store.

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My first leather wallet

My first leather wallet, I received from my ex-girlfriend eons ago and it was a Braun Buffel. It was black, had many slots for cards and I absolutely loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I used it for 6 straight years till it finally gave way. I've had 2 others from Braun Buffel after the first one and I am pretty happy with them.

I do realise that I am so much the leather wallet kind of guy since I never could take good care of it. I need something more rugged. Braun Buffel deals only with leather.

Nowadays, I am using a wallet made of stingray skin, costing me only 30 bucks. I've used it for 3 years. Still no sign of dying yet and I will not bat an eyelid it gets wet by accidently something that I would if it happened to my Buffel.

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Not bad!

The first time I came across this brand was when I spotted this really attractive white guy in the MRT, sporting a Braun Buffel bag, a year or so ago. For some reason, that name made a distinct impression in my mind.

And so when I came across their store at Raffles City, I decided to pop in and see what they have. I didn't actually buy anything, just browsed around. I'm not a fan of leather goods and such, not knowing much about leather myself, but I can see myself buying my dad or a boyfriend something from Braun Buffel, since their price range isn't too expensive (and not too cheap either that I'd end up looking like a cheapo).

The customer service could definitely be better. There's an air of superiority about them which makes me really quite uncomfortable.

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Service that makes you feel at home!

We wanted to get a good birthday present for our dad's birthday.
We decided on a wallet but was wondering what brand to choose from out of the many many brands there are. Then we decided on braun buffel for it's classiness and sleekness.
We travelled between Raffle City and Suntec City to see which place has a better or more suitable design for our dad.
Lined with glass panes and with different latest designs of their goods on display, when we stepped into the outlet at Suntec City, the service staff treated us warmly. They asked us what we were looking for and helped us to their best ability. Being the indecisive us, we asked for many many designs and the service staff patiently took out each design we wanted to view from the display case.

That is indeed something to applaud about, for we hardly get such good service in Singapore.

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Common affordable brand name

In my recent hunt for a belt, Braun Buffel was the first to pop into my mind since many of my colleagues have been receiving Braun Buffel belts or wallets as presents (why no one give me these?) and they are full of praises for it.

Went to the Braun Buffel counter at Tangs and while the selection aren't many, the most 30 different types, the issue that hit me most was the service staff's lack of knowledge in their own products. Having heard of how durable Braun Buffel goods are from my friends, I popped a simple question as to how long the belts usually last (since my belts tend to tear or crack after a couple of months) and I was hoping to find a better lasting one. The service staff couldn't give a definite answer and when she finally does, the spread between was so incredible ("6 months to a couple of years, depending on your usage").

Fine, I take it that different people handles their leather belt differently but at least be a little more certain with your answer! The only reason why I'm grading the service 3 is because I went to a counter in a departmental store and I'm not sure if the staff attending to me is from Braun Buffel or the departmental store. However, I expect the staff from the Braun Buffel boutique shop to offer a little more professionalism than that.

Back to the belts itself, the quality was ranging from one to another. Some belts felt strong and durable (mainly soft to the touch and I believe in softer belts has less tendency to crack) whereas others were outright stiff. The buckle design were not too loud (less the one with the whole bull) but yet able to bring out the branding well. I would definitely be tempted to try the Braun Buffel belt but that's only after I laying my hands on the AX one I saw after leaving Tangs.

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Middle range

Not a big fan of the bull logo myself because it is such a "brand". However, I heard reviews that Braun Buffel wallets and products do live up to its durability and name. The leather imported and used for the products are of good quality and the stitching is done with much precision. For a small price, and with medium grade quality I would not see why anyone would not purchase products from here.

It is neither too expensive like luxurious big brands, nor is it too cheapo looking like the low range synthetic leather products. However, that is where the catch is. Being caught right in the middle, without top quality or cheapest prices, there isnt really much of a selling point. This place would be an ideal place for the classy looking gift, for a close friend or family or that sort, especially with a tight budget and inflationary prices these days!

Popularity of this brand is also starting to increase in recent days and it is really becoming a little too over rated in my opinion.

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Entry brand

I bought my first 'guys' wallet at Braun Buffel. There comes a time in a man's life where he has to move on from the Billabongs and Nike and learn more about brands. I don't want to come off as a snob, but in my opinion, it is important, especially for your image cultivation.

Quality of the wallets and briefcases here are good, especially for an entry-level brand that isn't very expensive. You cannot expect to dig out a rarity with extraordinary designs all over it, but you can definitely find durable, professional looking goods here. My recommendation is to consult a sales staff and tell her about your needs - she will find something for you, as their collection is rather large, and searching through everything can be very tiresome.

A good buy.

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