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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 31, 2012    

To bring together Japan Pop Culture Lovers from the region.

Singapore, 1 August 2012 – Immerse in the latest trends and content of Japanese anime and popular culture this November, as Anime Festival Asia 2012 (AFA2012) returns to Singapore. Top tier anisong artistes, the latest content and a multi-national team of maids and butlers were among the early highlights announced today, as the festival organisers gave a preview of its three-day extravaganza from 9 to 11 November. Top Japanese record labels and management companies will also set up showcases during the festival, giving visitors a holistic view of the Japanese entertainment industry's latest offerings. 

Following Anime Festival Asia's first successful satellite event in Malaysia in June, which saw over 40,000 visitors, another satellite event will be held in Indonesia in September. The satellite events, which focus on content relevant to the local markets, will lead up to the flagship regional festival in Singapore - expected to attract at least 85,000 visitors. 

Festival organisers, Dentsu Singapore and SOZO, shared the first round of highlights for the home-grown festival, now in its fifth year. Held at Singapore Expo, AFA2012 expects to attract both local and regional visitors – from anime enthusiasts, music lovers, to anyone who is interested in Japanese popular culture. Signature offerings including its I Love Anisong concerts, maid and butler cafes, and stage activities will continue to wow the crowds with top industry talent and premium content. A new experience zone, the Japan Future Entertainment Zone, will provide a platform for visitors and businesses to come face-to-face with the companies who have nurtured some of Japan's top stars. 

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Sorely disappointing

I recall when AFA Shop was on the verge of its opening a few years ago. There was so much hype about it all over Facebook - by friends, and by organisers. Then the shop finally opened, and the hype died down to a literally soundless 'oh.' because it was just that disappointing.

Fans of anime are probably expecting a one-stop anime shop for figurines, collectibles and tshirts when they visit the store, however, I would recommend harbouring as little hope as possible when visiting the store, because it is, in essence pretty bare.

The store consists of an extremely limited range of figurines, all of which are exorbitantly priced, and I swear I saw cheaper ones when I visited Hong Kong a while back. Don't get me started on the Tshirts either. The store had promised band shirts and anime printed shirts, that it was personally hard for a fan of Japanese pop and rock like myself to not get my hopes up, but what I found was a few measly racks of shirts like Weaver, and some outrageously hideous anime shirts.

AFA Shop is certainly not what it'd claimed to be, and for fans who are planning a trip down soon, I'd recommend online shopping instead.

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Nothing much to do here

I would advise you to manage your expectations before you visit the shop, because this place isn't the mini AFA experience you would wish it to be.

The place is really small, so it doesn't really hold much goods at all. Most of the goodies are based on AFA and its mascot, which isn't really useful when there's no actual convention happening, such as, let's say, the concert t-shirts from last year. Anime merchandise are few and far between, and most of the merchandise I spotted went I went there were of Madoka Magica. Even then, there isn't much Madoka Magica merchandise that is exclusive to the shop, aside from things that they advertise on AFA's facebook page.

Let's not forget that it has irregular opening times from 2 - 8 pm, so it's quite hard to catch it while it's still open, and you would probably have to settle for looking at the glass displays. If you are trying to introduce to your friend what AFA is about, bring them to the actual convention instead. Skip over this.

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Unexpectedly plain.

You can buy AFA tickets at the shop and other concert tickets or j-pop/j-rock bands under jliveasia. Other than that, the shop is rather plain and bland. The figurines on display have not changed much since 6 months ago when I visited the shop. They also sell t-shirts which are plain and simple, yet overly priced. Posters in the shop are not updated and the leftover posters of ViViD have not moved much. There are only posters of one band (ViViD) and no posters of other bands. On a plus side, there are iPads on display which shows videos of past bands, featuring some songs of the band.

It really makes me wonder whether or not people bought anything in that shop other than the tickets for upcoming events since most of the things there have been on shelf for quite some time.

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