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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on April 05, 2013    

Kiss92 is Singapore's first all-new radio station in 20 years.

It is also the nation’s first radio station targeting women aged between 30 - 50, offering informative content for the modern, driven and savvy women.

With travel, health, beauty, wellness, parenting topics and the latest news updates, Kiss92 provides exciting and informative content to educate and inspire.

Accompanied with all the great songs in one place and iconic station events for continued engagement with the listeners, Kiss92 provides content that women love.


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The radio station that will satisfy both your mother and you

In the past, car rides used to be an argument for my mother and I. It was a battle between 987FM, a “hip” and “young” radio station, versus Gold 90FM, a station which my mother loves. So when my mother heard about Kiss 92FM, it was a compromise for both of us.

Kiss 92 FM doesn’t have the latest music or the most interesting radio talk shows, but the pop music they play is satisfactory and up-to-date. They alternate between current songs and songs from the 80s, to please the old and young. It’s not the ideal station for me, but it’s decent enough to keep my mom and I from complaining.

I wouldn’t recommend Kiss 92 to any of my friends in particular, but if you like a blend of the oldies and the new hits, tune in to Kiss 92 and you’ll surely be satisfied.

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For the young and the old

This channel caters to both the old and the young with the music, with the old and the new songs played one after another. This means that the channel is perfect for those who want to get to appreciate the older tunes as well as the more modern tunes and vice versa.

Another plus point would be the little advertisement that the channel engages in which give much more attention to broadcasting music - a reason that I love this channel for. I can always count on this channel to not disappoint.

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All the great songs in one place!

'All the great songs in one place!' proclaims the official motto of Kiss 92 FM. A motto which, I honestly feel, is literally true, every word of it.

Meticulously researched and well scheduled, the songs broadcasted by the radio station reflects the current trends and popular pieces of its genre. Its especially a joy to have as a companion during the long hours of mugging last time. The quirky radio programmes conducted by the DJs, appropriate music being broadcasted at the right time as well as the cheerful 'all the great songs in one place!' was sufficient to keep me awake and motivated till the wee hours of the morning.

Hence, its not a wonder i'm always tuned to this station while driving. A cheerful, upbeat radio station creates a happy atmosphere that allows me to enjoy my drive tremendously as I sped down the roads on the job. Moreover, companions in my vehicle find something to be happy about and hence conversations were always on cheerful subjects.

Its my favourite radio station of all time!

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Perfect blend of old and new songs

Whenever I get into the car, I always ask my parents to switch to Kiss 92 - it's my favourite station.

Admittedly, I love old songs. I probably know more old songs than the new ones which are churned out of the music industry nearly every day. Despite me being slightly backward when it comes to my music taste, I do enjoy some of the new songs.

Due to the diverse range of songs that I like, it was hard to choose a radio station to listen to. Most stations either play too many "oldie" songs or too many of the new songs - until I discovered Kiss 92. Kiss 92 plays the perfect blend of both the older and the newer songs so now I don't have to sit through a song I dislike before getting to a song I like.

Kiss 92 is definitely my favourite station!

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just the right mix of music!

As someone who hitches rides often from friends, I've noticed most of my friends tune in to this station while they drive. I've actually asked them why this station, and most of them agreed that the songs that they usually play are 'songs of our era'. More often then not, I find myself recognizing and singing along to once-popular pop songs. I guess those in their 20's and older would really appreciate this station, with its balance of 90's pop and recent releases, especially if you are not too into the type of music being released nowadays.

Of course, a Kiss92 app is available on iOS and Android, so it makes it easier to listen to the station on your phone. You can even stream it online on their website as well!

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Many kisses!

I remember Kiss 92 being my companion while I was mugging hard for my exams. Ever since I was introduced to this station by a friend, I was completely and utterly hooked. Some of them say it's more of a 'ladies' station, but I do know guys who appreciate this station and the music it airs too.

I like how this station plays a mix of oldies and new songs, it helps me remember memories of the past sometimes. Everytime I step into the car, I would ask for my favorite station to be put on. Kiss 92 of course. The music is soulful, no heavy metal, rock and all those noisy music (sorry for those on that camp!) which I really don't need.

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Family Friendly

Kiss 92 is Singapore's newest radio channel that is primarily targeted towards women. Being an avid listener of Singapore'a radio stations, I was very interested to find out about Kiss 92 and the type of music and programmes it would be airing. Needless to say, after all the hype and advertisements, it did not disappoint.

I love how Kiss 92 is a family-friendly radio channel because it plays both modern songs and the oldies that can cater to both the children and the parents. No more fighting over radio channels in the car anymore! The songs chosen are excellent, being a mix chart-toppers and lesser known indie songs.

I cannot comment too much on the DJs because I usually skip to another channel once they start talking. If you are like me, I suggest listening to them either in the afternoons or later on at night! I think there's less talking and more music being played during those times. In my opinion, the quality of music played is also better and more pleasant.

In conclusion, really an excellent channel that's definitely a staple on my radio list and one that I will return to often.

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Mix of Modern and Oldies
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Not targeted at me but, one of my preferred channels

When I first saw the target audience of Kiss92, I nearly died of shock. Alright, I'm exaggerating a little but honestly, I thought they were catering to youths of late 1980's and 1990's. Songs like from old time boy bands, oldies from the 90's are frequently played on the station, which makes it really my preferred station while I'm driving or studying.

I think Kiss92 has gotten the perfect combination of songs. A good mix of new and old songs which has allowed their channel to become one of the more popular channels recently. For people who love a good mix of oldies, pop and rock music, Kiss92 is the station for you. Erm, I'm not so much into the women stuff that they tend to talk about during their air shows, but it's sometimes interesting to listen to how women think. Always advantageous to men, don't you think? :D

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Kiss92 is the radio i'll tune in to whenever I have things to be done. Reason being the songs played are energetic and lively, a definite motivation driver for me!

In comparison to 987fm, which has a similar upbeat mood, Kiss92 offers more variety of songs, whereas 987fm replays the chart-topping hits very frequently. Both are good in it's ways, more of personal preferences. For me, I love both stations, I tune into 987fm whenever I wanna stay on trend in the music scene but I listen to Kiss92 more often because variety matters to me!

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