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Caldecott Broadcast Centre Radio Building Andrew Rd Singapore 299939
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Listing created by Iswariya on October 20, 2012    

Warna 94.2 FM is ehe station that features the latest news, lifestyle magazine programmes and infotainment with Malay evergreen and contemporary hits for the Malay community in Singapore.


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This is a classic, a reminder of my childhood

My earliest recollection of radio was this station in one of its earliest incarnations. My late mom used to have it on to keep her accompanied while working in the kitchen in the mornings. My grandparents did the same too. I remember well the music of that era.

The format of the station catered to different interests at different times. I am not sure if they still do so now, but I used to remember them airing infotainment programms usually from 10am to 11am something that I used to listen to before going to school. There were kids shows in the evenings and on Saturdays. On some days when the late Adnan Massuan was still around, he would host "Pop Rock".

"Pop Rock" was the original rock show on air playing rock music from the 70s and the 80s (the show didn't go beyond 1990, I think). That show introduced me to Yngwie Malmsteen's Trilogy Suite (the opening 30s or so with the signature intro riff) then came Adnan's signature, "Anda mau rock? Ini dia....Pop....Rock!" Classic.

I still listen to the station once in a while, during Hari Raya this is a station that I must tune into. If nothing else, for the songs...and the memories.

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