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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on March 13, 2013    

Raffles Girls' Primary School was first established in 1844 and has re-located many times in its history to cater for the growing needs of the school.


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A Beautiful Heart

RGPS has given me more than just an academic education, my time in RGPS taught me that life itself is one great education.

The classmates I had were unique in their ways and each had their distinct influence on me. One particular classmate, stood out and left a deep imprint on my heart.

I first met her in primary 3. She didn’t come across to me special in any way when we first got to know each other. However, after extended interaction over months, I found her very attractive. She had a beautiful heart. Unlike most other close friends at that time, we did not have a ‘best friend’ status but she was always in close emotional proximity to me.

I saw her twice outside RGPS. Once at a friend’s house for a project where we had a childish friendly bicker over who got there first.

At a class party, when another mischievous classmate pushed me in the swimming pool, she scolded that classmate for me after she found out about it.

When I had some trouble with another friend, she stood on the side of me.

She went with me to church. That was the second time I saw her outside school.

Unknown to her, she has taught me what friendship and kindness is all about. RGPS holds fond memories for me and she has formed an integral fragment of those memories. My time in RGPS has shown me that life is one great education when people enter your life and teach you lessons that make you a better person.

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