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A very well-known and popular Government primary school in Jurong.

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(Updated: March 05, 2013)

My alma mater

Real schooling starts in primary schools and mine started here in Rulang. 20 years ago, for a short period of time, Kindergarten 2 (K2) education could be done in selected primary school. So, yes, that means i spent 7 years in primary level. Entering the school at a tender age of 6, Rulang was like a big big place to small sized 6 year olds.

I have all my teachers to thank for every little ounce of encouragement they have showered on us students leading us to becoming good individuals. I remember how my tiny frame Mathematics teacher, Mrs Liew ( a teacher i can never have enough to thank) who cried tears of joy with me when I finally passed my Maths examinations. That really touched me as a primary 4 kid.

A pity I couldn't spend my last 2 years of primary studies here as my family moved up north. Nonetheless, I held on to my good foundation and values built up in Rulang and breeze through my learning journey. Over the years, Rulang just keep improving and I always see the school being adorned with numerous awards both academically and in rankings. Each time I see these reports, I can't help but feel a proud smirk coming onto my face as Rulang is my alma-mater and I'm part of it.

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One of the Best Primary Schools in Singapore

Rulang Primary School is a very popular primary school in Jurong West. For a Government school, it is so popular that for primary one enrolment, only 2-3 places are available for phase 2C.

Rulang Primary School is well-known for producing top-performing PSLE students. In my son's graduation year, the top PSLE student is from Rulang.

What is not so well-known about the school, however, was the school's dedication to even the poor performers.

My son, due to his not-so-hardworking nature, was only one step away from taking Foundation Maths and Foundation Chinese. His P6 class had a form teacher who was very experienced with handling poor performing students. She can even predict their general behaviour in class. What was so amazing about his form teacher, was the way she encouraged the parents not to give up hope. Even after the first half-year, with most of the students scoring 30+/100 for Maths, she was still waving a virtual victory flag to us parents, telling us that there was still time. Our children were not by nature stupid; in fact most of them were very intelligent--they landed in her class because of poor attitude. With hard work and supplementary lessons from the school, the students should have no problem passing PSLE. She said this was based on her past experience teaching such classes in Rulang. Indeed, she was a very dedicated teacher. She conducted supplementary classes almost every day of the week, including Sundays!

With her help and some attitude change in my son, he exceeded our expectations in PSLE. He not only passed his PSLE; he was the top student in his class, and was the only student in his class to score more than 200 marks. For the uninitiated, those who score 200 marks and above get to enter Express stream in secondary school, compulsory! Normal stream is not even an option for them.

I am very grateful to Rulang Primary School and especially to my son's form teacher for her dedication and encouragement. Without such dedication, my son might not have made it to secondary school, much less in the Express stream!

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