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60 Pasir Ris Drive 1 Singapore 519524
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Park View Primary is a new school that officially opened in 1999. They aim to nuture their students into resilient, innovative and enterprising learners that will be the pride of their nation.


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The best childhood ever

The fondest memories I have of Park View Primary are invariably those 30 minute breaks called ‘Recess’. Recess was loud, Recess was fun, Recess characterized my 6 years of primary education.

Every Recess was different and a very welcome oasis in the desert of school. If I was not running around playing hide-and-seek or catching with my friends, I was at the basketball court pretending that I could throw hoops. Other times, I would sit and sing Chinese pop songs that were in fashion then.

Hot and sticky, my friends and I would still rush to buy that craved ice popsicle even as the bell rang, signaling the end of Recess.

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