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Listing created by delilah on November 11, 2012 aims to be the leading online portal for youths. They have various helpful sections like self-improvement and dating which are full of helpful articles.


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The content in Sgclub provides good entertainment for the bored and stressed or perhaps even the curious. Good for youths to connect with one another on topics they are interested in.

Sgclub has a range of forum topics to engage in, from school life issues to even shopping and health and fitness. They even have travel talk and a column for food and dining. You can basically chat about anything under the sun. The layout of the forum is pretty organized so finding your way around the site isn’t hard.

Getting opinions from fellow Singaporeans about various issues is also made possible with Sgclub. Friendly discussion and critical thinking of certain issues are also usually found.

Would say that the creation of such a website is pretty useful and meaningful.

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For all Singapore teens

When I was a teenager, I was happy to have stumbled across this online forum for its vast information on the topics that teenagers obsess over. Because of the interactive nature, teenagers can now communicate and discuss issues that they are engrossed in with others who share the same interests.

This community boosts over thousands of topics under the sun. This is also a good outlet for them to rant, increase their social circles and to check out and share latest information. I would suggest any teenager who’s bored to head over there and “hang out” with others.

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This site is a forum site for Singaporean youths to connect. Being a youth myself, I find this site extremely useful for getting opinions and suggestions by fellow youths in Singapore, who probably may have the same questions and confusions as me.

The topics on this forum range from school related issues to recreational activities like online gaming and tv shows. There are many people who use the site, and I find that there are some constructive comments and suggestions posted on help topics which I found very useful.

I think this is an effective way of connecting the youths of Singapore, as after all, most of us go through the same things in schools and have similar mindsets. By creating a forum website as such, technology-savvy youths like us can help each other out more easily.

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