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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Nanyang Polytechnic was established in 1992 and situated in Ang Mo Kio, with the following schools for students to choose from: School of Engineering; Information Technology; Design; Business management; Health Sciences; Chemical and Life Sciences; Interactive and Digital Media.


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Surely needs improvement

Yes it does. I entered NYP due to practicality, because my grades weren't good enough to be entering the course of my choice at the other more prestigious polytechnics. I'm fortunate to still be studying what I love here though.

Just in my first semester, I can't help but rant to my family and friends how NYP is lacking in facilities as well as providing an enriching environment for students to develop their talents. The size of the campus is okay, but the colors are dull and gloomy, creating a really negative outlook to things. As for Co-curriculum activities, they only have that small loop of common CCA's instead of the more interesting ones like In-line skating and Scuba-diving. I think this limits a student's potential as they are restrained to only a small number of activities.

NYP is not as happening as many think it is. With the other exuberant polytechnics and their never-ending list of events, we are undeniably a far-cry away.

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Nursing students

My current industry dealt with health care so I came into contact with some of the students from NYP. NYP is one of the polytechnic providing healthcare courses and as far as I know, their enrollment was quite good.

It was a relief for me to see so many young Singaporeans wanting to join the healthcare industry. At one time in time, when I was in the hospital, those nurses that spoke English were from Philippines and those nurses that spoke Mandarin were from China. You need a mix of nurses that can speak different languages in the hospital to cater for the older generations patients. This import of nurses posed a communication problem because most of these import nurses cannot speak our local dialect. I hope more of the local younger generation will consider healthcare industry.

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(Updated: March 05, 2013)

Not that bad afterall

Nanyang Polytechnic was definitely not my first choice due to the location, but out of sheer desperation (losers cannot be choosers) and fear that I would end up with no school, I enrolled into the Business school.

I cannot say that I regret my decision because I have been exposed to many things that being in the West (SP/NP) would have never brought me. The compound is clean, new and relatively easy to navigate. It was a hassle during lunch breaks though, as the 4 canteens (South which I’ve only been to twice in 3 years) would ALWAYS be squeezed to the brim. It was a wonder how we ever got seats at all.

The shopping arcade (Cheers, stationery) is also useful to a certain extent.

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A comfortable campus

NYP has a very conducive environment which makes one feels at home. 3 years in the campus was certainly an enjoyable one. The lecturers are approachable and some have become friends after we have graduated.

NYP is a place where one would want to go back to even after graduated years ago. Whenever friends and I go back there, it feels like we’re back in year 1. All the schooling memories in NYP flash back. I can say,

NYP is a school of life and a second home!

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Good tutors, good learning environment = good grades

Being the top student in my class, I would say the tutors played a big part apart from the facilities.

Most of the tutors I met in NYP were very supportive and I can feel that they really put our grades in their top priority list. There was once when I stayed back in school to work on a project, my tutor, Mr Tan actually stayed back with me to provide guidance, to ensure that I would not "feel lost" though it's way past his working hours. I actually felt like giving him a hug at that moment but of course I did not do it.

Also, in NYP, you don't really have to worry about not having a place to study. Sure, the library might be full, but there’s the Discussion Room, Research Room, Media Room and countless benches along the pathway. Even though I have graduated, I still go back to NYP to study for my finals every semester.

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Proud to call it your Alma Mater.

I have 2 fond memories of my Alma Mater.

The first would be of me learning Kendo under the tutelage of Kato Sensei at the NYP sports hall. It was through his teachings that I became more disciplined.

The second would be winning the gold medal at the 2009 Singapore Robotics Games. To be honest, I did not expect that I could represent my school in the SRG but my lecturer, Mr Lim, picked me and coached me to be the emcee for our project presentation. He had faith in every one of us in the group and because of that, we won.

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A condusive and fun environment for learning!

I am a student in Nanyang Polytechnic, studying at the School of Interactive & Digital Media. Having been in NYP for a year and a half already, I must say that I quite like the compound. Firstly, it isn't very big, and is very easy to move from one end of the polytechnic to the other. The facilities are good and comfortable for students to use during and outside of lectures. The labs and rooms for lessons are condusive for learning, and places like the library is perfect for studying and doing group discussions when not having classes, and there are lots of benches and outdoor areas whereby people can sit down to study or just relax if needed.

The food at NYP may not be a lot as compared to Singapore Polytechnic, but it's more or less satisfying and cheap. There's a South and North Canteen, as well as Koufu, McDonalds, Splash & Decker, Grinning Gecko, and so on. Even the library has a cafe, although it is slightly more on the pricier side, but still nice having a drink or snack there every once in a while.

So far, apart from the stress, life as a student in NYP has been quite fun. With a good learning environment and facilities, along with helpful lecturers and tutors, you can be assured a good 3 years here, provided you are happy with your course, I guess. I also recommend that students who are interested in my school (see above) should choose the courses in NYP as their top choice, because NYP is pretty well known for their Interactive & Digital Media courses, and I assure you I am not saying that out of biasness or anything, really!

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