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A Singaporean politician and a member of the People's Action Party (PAP). He is a Member of Parliament and represents Tampines GRC, being responsible for Tampines North.


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Baey Yam Keng used to be MP for my area and although I never did have much interaction with him, the elderly residents in my area always spoke fondly of him. They always said that he had a kind heart and was always willing to listen to them and hence they were quite sad when he was transferred over to another area.

More recently, he was in the news over the Nasi Padang furore. He is usually active on Instagram and has been labelled as one of the more trendy and hip MPs that Singapore has. He is now under fire for receiving preferential treatment and for being out of touch of Singapore culture and society. Personally, I think that the amount of criticism levied on him is a bit too much because it isn't entirely his fault as well.

I think he is a good man and responsible MP and that we shouldn't let small mistakes or slip-ups affect our perception of him too negatively. Everyone errs at times.

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He makes the effort

Mr Baey makes the effort and he takes the time and for that I am actually quite impressed by him. That is, I think he is a really good Member of Parliament, one for the people.

He did a house visit yesterday for my block and he has done so for a couple of other blocks in the other estates as well. He made the effort to really spend time talking to the residents who raised their concerns to him and I could feel his sincerity. In addition, at the Edusave awards ceremony that was held for my GRC last year, he did away with the meaningless award presentation where students basically had their names called out and went on stage to get their awards. Instead, he chose to spend the time more wisely by having a dialogue sessions with the students.

Mr Baey is doing a good job thus far and I hope he keeps up the good work!

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