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The Wallet Shop burst, bright and yellow, into Singapore in 1997. The small store had its lofty ambitions to provide consumers with a hip and trendy place to shop for fashionable wallets. Expect a colorful variety and deep assortment of wallets, pouches, bags and coin purses. They mix stylish brands with funky labels therefore you might spot established brands like Renoma, Pierre Cardin and Victorinox alongside trendy brands like Billabong, Eastpak, Envirosax, OZOZOsac and MYUK. The Wallet Shop has expanded to 9 outlets in Singapore in locations such as AMK Hub, Bugis Junction, Clementi Mall, Junction 8, Jurong Point, Lot One, Marina Square, Nex and Tampines Mall.

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10.30am - 9.30pm
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Great Quality

I used to like the Wallet Shop for its graffiti designed wallets, but in the recent years, it has converted to a more “goofy” style with silly captions printed on the wallets. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it gives them a sort of identity or branding, because such wallets are not really sold at other stores.

The Wallet Shop not only appeals to young school-goers with its goofy designs, but also to the working adults, as it also sells genuine leather plain flip wallets for men and dainty, feminine and simple designs for the ladies. They also carry sling bags and backpacks with the same kinds of designs.

I would say that the quality of Wallet Shop items is exceptional, as the material is always thick and lasts extremely long as long as you do not abuse it unnecessarily. I like the characteristic smooth sheen of the black pouches and wallets especially, and most of the wallets come with sufficient pockets for all your cards.

The price range is quite varied because of the variety of items that the Wallet Shop houses, but for an item that you can use for an indefinite time, I feel that the prices are reasonable.

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(Updated: February 02, 2016)

It's a shop for wallets

The Wallet Shop is the most apt name for it. It sells wallets catering to everybody, the youth, the older adults, boys, and girls alike.

As I matured, my go-to place for wallets never changed. Teenager me enjoyed browsing through the slogan wallets they usually had on display, which usually contained little drawings or quotes that any teenager would be able to relate to. Even after outgrowing those, I still enjoyed going through the new designs whenever they arrive, and seriously contemplate actually getting one just because they were so witty.

A plus point about wallets here are that they are affordable as well. However, they’re not very durable, and can quickly get worn out after a year. But if you’re someone who is real meticulous about your belongings, then owning a wallet from here wouldn’t be a problem.

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It started out as really interesting, what with their catchy designs. As a student, I was intrigued with designs such as the one on algebra, with an arrow pointing to a circled x when asked to find x. The price however, proved to be too expensive for me.

They lacked designs as well. Though the ones that they come up with are really cool and everything, it takes them quite a while to come up with new designs. Its usually based on that one design, imprinted on pencil cases, pouches, wallets of all the different sizes... nothing new after awhile.

Their merchandises however, are still sought after by many teenagers. Their designs and "cool" catchphrases imprinted on them is the main thing that attracts the teenagers. I've in possession one of their wallets, which I loved when I first got it. After awhile though, I realised there were so many people on the streets with the same wallet. Too mainstream, I realised.

I like the sense of individuality, and hence steered clear of the wallet shop afterwards.

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Nothing classy... But cool, hip designs.

I walked into The wallet Shop outlet at Marina Square looking for a gift. I was quite delighted to see the many kinds of varieties of wallets for both men and women.

Although I couldn't find a classy and sleek black men's wallet, I found several other really cool designs which caught my eye. The feel of the leather and the texture left me no doubts about the quality of their products.

Though I find the prices a bit steep, I guess the fact that they're still in business proves that their products are highly sought-after. would recommend this brand to a friend seeking a hip, cool and colorful new wallet.

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nice designs

There are many wallets and purses with nice and unique designs sold in The Wallet Shop. Those designs are not boring and you do not usually see them outside. I do find that the wallets are a little thick even when there are nothing placed in it. I also think that they are a little expensive, as well as the bags sold in The Wallet Shop.

It could be a good idea to buy the wallets or purses as a birthday present for your friends as the design are rather pretty. However, I think that the design may only be suitable for teenagers and not really for adults.

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Great wallets!

I've been using my old wallet for more than 3 years, the metal parts have already rusted and I didn't intend to change it yet. The other day, though, I was walking with my friends through Marina Square and we stumbled upon an outlet of The Wallet Shop. The wallets in there were trendy, funny, and it really related to me. I thought the wallets in there would be very expensive, but it turns out that they were quite cheap. I bought one for about $30, which was within my budget for a new wallet (if I was to get one).

The customer service, however, disappointed me a lot. I picked the wallet of my choice up, and walked to the cashier. Over at the cashier were two teenagers around my age, and they seemed to prefer talking to each other rather than talking to a customer like me. Being the nice guy I was, I decided to walk around the shop for another 15 minutes before walking to the cashier again. Luckily, this time they responded and there, I bought my first wallet from The Wallet Shop!

What they offer are very innovative, and if you really need a guide to the local MRT, you can pick up a 'MRT map' designed wallet at the wallet shop too!

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Best Part:
The wallets!
Branch Location:
Marina Square (I think)
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Trendy even in school

The wallet shop have a wide range of designs and patterns for teenagers that are schooling and as well as adults these days. It have many uncommon and creative ideas that features the most famous design of the American dollar as a wallet and a pencil case, which I bought it a year ago, but however the colors starts to fade easily from time to time if you didn't take good care of it.

I really like the innovation of this shop that features famous and common thing you used in our daily lives and printed as a picture on the wallets, pencil cases, bags, and laptop bags etc. Some of the patterns were popular online memes like LOL, ROFL, LMAO designs from Myuk, which strikes attention to meme lovers. Or you prefer verbal designs, they also have the most famous words like : SHOOO! No money in this wallet, I need money :( . Coolest wallet I have seen was the one with the Facebook design on it.

Be it boys or girls, teens or adults, there will be something that just suit for you, thought the price is consider too much for schooling teens this day to keep up with the trendy look of wallets and school accessories.

Most stores of The Wallet Shop was rather small, and it will be hard to move about or to get help from the sales assistant. Hope they can really improve on that, by the displace of the different design of wallets and highlighted items was fantastic, just like stores displacing perfumes and facial creams, which gives it a very classy look.

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Decent for teenagers and youngsters, but nothing more.

The Wallet Shop offers many varieties for teenagers and youngsters, largely in terms of designs. The structure of most wallets is similar, and the only difference is the design on the outside. I have personally been using wallets from The Wallet Shop for years, and despite the lack of variety of wallet types, it is affordable for students and youngsters. The quality is worth the price paid, and it generally lasts about a year and a half for me. If you are looking for wallets with funny and catchy designs, yet simple, this is the shop for you. However, if you are looking for something special or unique, do not attempt to shop here as most of the designs are very common.
If you are a picky user about your wallet in terms of its looks, you should also not buy from here. The wallets sold tend to have the surface cracking or peeling off after daily use for maybe 8-10 months. If your wallet is placed in the back pocket, it hastens this process as well.
They also offer a variety of other products such as backpacks and pouches, from various brands. There are also often certain discounts such as “Buy 2nd item at 50%”, etc which makes buying their products more worth it.
All in all, the quality of their products are average, and the price is acceptable.

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(Updated: May 10, 2012)

there must be a wallet for you

The Wallet Shop has a myriad of wallets for you to choose from. If you need a wallet or pouch, this is the place to be. Some outlets carry bags as well. They cater to not only adults but teenagers as well. Prices would depend on the brand of the wallet itself. For adults, there are classy, plain and simple fold wallets. For the teenagers, there are popular brands like MYUK and Billabong. Lots of teenagers favour MYUK for its quirky catch phrases printed on the products. Prices are generally affordable for the teenager oriented brands and if you are a teenager and fretting over what to get for your friend as a birthday gift, do head down to The Wallet Shop for wallet-friendly prices!

I did not buy anything from my visit there as my wallet is still working fine and I had no need to purchase anything. I just went in to look around. When I was looking at something, I could hear the friendly and sweet sales lady recommending a customer wallets according to the preferences that she mentioned. "How about this?''. "This is very functional. There are a lot of pouches on it". Very helpful indeed!

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amazing designs

the wallet shop offers many designs in a small space. i've spent alot of time in the shop just looking at the designs and reading them.
they have wallets which have many cool designs and amusing wordings, which would make a great gift for a teenager.

my personal favourite thing about the shop is the feel of the wallets that they sell. wallets are usually soft to touch which is very different from other wallets which feel stiff.

i bought a pouch at the wallet shop for my cousin for christmas and i liked that there were different sizes for each pouch. you can have the single, double or even triple(?) layer pouch. of course prices are different too so you can choose one that would suit both your needs and your budget.

in recent years the wallet shop have also expanded to reach out to the heartlands. i remember only seeing them at bugis and orchard, but it's good now that they are more accessible.

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Best Part:
unique designs
Branch Location:
amk hub
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Good quality wallets that have exquisite designs!

I first got to know about the The Wallet Shop (Jurong Point branch) when I accompanied a friend to get her wallet when it was unfortunately spoilt.
And I was amazed by the creative designs that look so trendy! (I simply love one of their designs that have Campbell soup on it, and many other witty ones.) I would say that their designers are very good.
They do have occasional promotions and offers for their wallets as well, which is a good steal.

I have a good impression on the quality of wallets by The Wallet Shop as my friend has been using her wallet for years and it's still in pretty good condition! Time will tell the quality, and the wallet has passed the test!

Although I have not bought any wallets from the shop myself, but I do own one as it was given by a friend of mine. It's one that is in shimmery black in color with flowey patterns. (I love it!) And I will never fail to enter The Wallet Shop to check out their latest quirky designs whenever I pass by one during my shopping trips.

So.. If you are one that is looking at good quality and yet trendy wallets, I am sure The Wallet Shop will be able to provide you with your ideal choice. Their designs are simply one of the best - and you'll be surprised!

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Best Part:
Creative, witty designs and good quality
Branch Location:
Jurong Point
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