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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on March 04, 2014    

Children tmemed park at Garden by the Bay catering to kids from 1 to 12 years old. It is a one-hectare recreation park that consists of playtime elements that combine both nature and adventure. From exploring a 7.5 metre-tall tree house to splashing around at interactive water tunnels, adventure awaits at every corner. The park is sponsored by Far East Organization.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily - Closed for maintenance every Monday, or the next working day if a public holiday falls on the Monday of that week.
Weekend Opening Hours:
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily -Closed for maintenance every Monday, or the next working day if a public holiday falls on the Monday of that week.
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Unleashing the inner child in us

If you mention Children’s Garden, I am sure not many of us would have heard of this place. One of the latest places for children to engage in free-play located at Gardens by the Bay. It is opened from 9 in the morning till 9 at night. It is free and there are no restrictions and adults can enter this place even if you do not bring a child along.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by a huge water play area. Do not attempt to enter with your shoes or slippers on, otherwise the guards on duty will not hesitate to blow their whistle and you probably won’t want that to happen to you. There are no restrictions too, adults can enter the water play area, so go with your friends and have fun!

When you walk further in, you will see a large area with shade. If you are bringing your child along, this is one of the places to rest while watching your child play at the water play area. Further into the garden, you will spot huge spaces for sand play. I got reminded of how the playgrounds in our estates used to have sand for sand play. Yes, before I forget, do not go on Mondays as the garden will not be open as it will be days for maintenance, including the changing of sand for hygiene purposes. It is no wonder the sand there seemed so clean during my trip there. Climb up the structure near the sand play area and you will discover more than what you see.

Walk across the suspension bridge and you will enter another mini play area. It was like Alice in Wonderland, there are many paths surrounded by trees and bushes walk through them and you will discover a new area for play. After the bridge, walk further and you will see structures for children to practice their balancing and climbing. It is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you are already at Gardens by the Bay, do drop by the Children’s Garden!

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Re-living childhood

I've always loved tree houses, and it was to my amazement that I found one during a random exploration of Gardens By The Bay whilst looking for a place to sit down and enjoy the afternoon breeze. The place was teeming with adults and children, leading me to wonder why such a corner in the relatively large park is of such interest.

The Far East Children's Garden is indeed a good place for parents to take their children on a weekend out. Its access is free (minimising your budget), and a range of activities can be done. For example, have a wet afternoon out with all the pool has to offer. Watching the children scream with glee as they were sprayed with water is a sight to behold indeed. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see a few adults joining in as well.

It felt awkward for me, such a big boy, clambering up to the treehouse with a throng of small kids. Lacking the sheer agility of just having a small size, I was almost bowled over by the high energy of the young speedsters. A few parents looked at me disapprovingly, but theres nothing wrong with loving a treehouse at 20 right? The treehouse was well designed, though squeezy for me to get through. The kids screamed at me for hogging the space inside, laughing delightedly at the same time. For a moment, I was back in time as a child, enjoying the feeling of just being in a treehouse, whilst an unrealistic one, that I've often read in stories.

After the activities, should you not want to purchase food there (Its quite expensive in my opinion), I'd recommend you prepare for a picnic. Gardens By The Bay, as well as the nearby Marina Barrage, is a beautiful place for a picnic! I've enjoyed a few picnics in peaceful spots over the years and none is comparable to one at marina barrage, with the beautiful coastline in the backdrop of the city area.

An amazing place in town for a budget outing!

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There's no free lunch, but there's free Children's Garden

There's no such thing as a free lunch. But amazingly, there's the FREE Children's Garden located at Gardens by the Bay, located adjacent to the Cloud Forest dome.

If anyone thought because admission to the garden is complimentary and as such, may not be of much quality recreation, they will be in for a surprise. The 1 hectare garden is divided into 3 zones (1) Toddlers Play zone (2) Rain Forest Tree House zone and (3) Water Play zone.

Each zone have their individual theme and caters to specific age group. But the magnet of the garden will have to be the Water Play zone, as it's really unique and of a high fun quotient. It will etch itself on any child's memories.

For pictorial indication and more details, do check out my blog. Parents out there, your children will love the place. So will you :) - Just be reminded that it is closed on Mondays. If that Monday happened to be a public holiday, then the following day will be closed.

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