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Adora Tan
Listing created by Adora Tan on February 15, 2014    

Situated along East Coast Parkway, the Road Safety Community Park is a place for the young to learn about road safety. Miniature roads, bus stops, pedestrian crossings and little buildings are available for fun learning opportunities

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Road Safety Park - It's still around!

If you were born in the 70s and 80s, there's a chance you might have had a school excursion to the Road Safety Community Park in your childhood. Remember? Little go-carts and bicycles? You'd get a little card charting your course and traffic wardens would give you little ticks along the way?

In my youth, I was never chosen to be a go-cart driver, or a cyclist. I was always a pedestrian. 20 plus years later, I was back again, this time with my kids and still, I was the designated pedestrian. Oh well.

It's a shame that the place isn't as well kept as it used to be. There are no longer traffic wardens, and the traffic lights no longer work, but it's still a fun place for kids to scoot around in, and a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids about road safety (in 2012 there were over 8,000 traffic accidents in Singapore, including fatal ones - did you know?!)

Bikes, kick scooters, roller blades, whatever tickles your fancy, bring it along because there are no vehicles for rent within the park. There's a bicycle kiosk close by though but better to bring your own in case they don't have bikes small enough for your kids.

Within the park there is a petrol kiosk where you can 'fill up your gas tank', an inspection centre where you can 'bring your vehicle in for a check', a police station, a service centre, bus stops and parking lots.

On both occasions we were there, the park was almost empty. And we were there on Saturday mornings. I imagine you'd pretty much ahve the whole park to yourselves if you go on a weekday.

There's limited parking available, and the closest toilet is right outside. You can enter by the main entrance from the parking lot, or the side entrance along the beach. Closest eateries are located at Big Splash, just a short 5 minute walk away.

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Letting the kids cycle without worrying about real cars
East Coast Parkway
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