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481 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 259769
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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on December 24, 2012    

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is Asia's first children's garden. The garden is dedicated to all children of Singapore and designed to stimulate unique exploratory and learning experiences in a garden setting.
Through playtime and natural setting , the garden will cultivate an awareness and appreciation for plants, nature and the environment among the young. It is created as a unique and interactive fun place where children up to 12 years old can realise the important roles of plants in their daily lifes. It also facilitates introduction to the life sciences - an important branch of science as Singapore vision on life sciences research as a new impetus for future economic milestones.
Experiences in the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden will enhance a sense of curiosity for the plant world and provide joyful memories for the child visitors.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
8.00am - 7.00pm (last admission at 6.30pm) (Closed on Mondays)
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8.00am - 7.00am
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Bringing out the child in all of us

I first came to know about the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden while taking a bus to the Botanic Gardens one day. Curious about what such a garden had to offer, I decided to make it our next destination for our annual outing with our nephews.

The Garden was certainly much harder to find than it seemed – despite following the signs, we eventually found ourselves needing the help of a security officer to lead us to the place. Nonetheless, the hunt for the place was definitely worthwhile. With an enchanting forest of towering trees, large mushrooms, suspension bridges and a sparkling pond teeming with fish, the Garden brought us down an exciting exploratory adventure through the science of nature.

A highlight of the place had to be the huge tree house situated at the heart of the Garden, which came complete with long tunnelling slides -- a feature almost every child would have dreamt of having in his or her own home at some point. Of course, the Water Play area was another favourite for my nephews, who came out from the area soaked (and left us busy getting them dry!)

All in all, with its fairy-tale like atmosphere and well-conceived interactive exhibits, the Garden certainly proved to be an exceptionally memorable place for all of us, and one I would strongly recommend for a family day out.

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Relieving those childhood memories

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is one of the few gardens in Singapore for children. It is also one of the places to bring your children to during the weekends or when you have spare time. Enter the Botanic Gardens and follow the signs, which will lead you to the garden. The garden is open from 8 A.M. – 7 P.M daily except Mondays. Admission is free and if you are looking to enter the garden to take a look, do note that all adults have to be accompanied by a child or actually the other way around.

Upon entering the garden, you will be blown away by the variety of activities available for children to do. If I have to choose one thing that impressed me, it would be the treehouse. With the trees as the backdrop, the relatively huge treehouse made it look like a page off a children’s book.

If you are expecting the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden to be crowded only during weekends, you are wrong. During weekdays, there are quite a number of children too, especially in the morning or evenings and it is school holidays now. On weekdays, children are often seen accompanied by their domestic helper and sometimes, parents.

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is also a good way for children to learn through play. There are some of the activities in there that encourages them to make use of their senses; learning through sensory activities in the Sensory Garden as well. Being close to nature also encourages the learning of various Science concepts such as photosynthesis. Visit Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden at least once and you can expect to spend at least a good half a day there.

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Tree house

As a child, I had always envied those characters in the story books that were able to play in a tree house. When I brought my children to this garden, I was surprised to find that they had a tree house there.

It was not the tree house that I had imagined from my story books. This tree house was bigger and a lot safer to get around.

My children also enjoyed going across the suspension bridge and playing catching in the maze. It was like living all those happy adventures in my childhood story books.

There was also a water play area but I did not let my children play on that day because we did not bring a change of clothing for them.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

Great place for kids !!! And it's free !!!

When you are a parent with toddlers or growing up child, having a quality place where you can bring your children to let them "de-stress", chill-out, explore ..or put in a nutshell...have a good time, is a great find. And if it's for will want to pay homage to the place time and again.

There are plenty of child-friendly venues like Ikea's "Smaland", the wet & dry roof-top playgrounds at IMM, Lot-1, Vivocity, etc. But none has the garden setting that Jacob Ballas Children Garden offers. It has a range of play themes designed to stimulate your kids senses, all in a garden setting.

There's a sand playground with various play stations to keep your children engrossed...and then move on to the water play station when they felt like it...but before all this, do check out the rest of the garden too, hop on the little suspension bridge, climb up the tree house, zoom down the slides, play with percussion instruments made from plants, observe the floral & fauna... your kids will love it (and you will too)

The child age limit is 12 years old and kids have to be accompanied by an adult. And after all that activities whipped up an appetite...satisfy the hunger pang or thirst at the cafe just at the park entrance. There's a drinking fountain near the rest room, so you can top your water bottle.

Points to note : there's no shower room in the toilet. So do get your kids wash themselves at the water play station before proceeding to change. And of course, an extra set of clothing is necessary for your kids to maximize their playtime at the park.
Car parking at the garden is reasonable. As such, though it's free, I inserted the expenditure on info box as an indication (plus perhaps a drink and fries at the cafe, based on a family of 4). There's no free lunch anywhere in the world I believe...well, not in S'pore, anyway.

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The water and sand playground
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