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Youth Olympic Park is Singapore's very first art park. It is located at Raffles Avenue, at the junction of Raffles Avenue and Bayfront Bridge.

The Youth Olympic Park was built to cultivate a stronger sense of community ownership and connection with Marina Bay. The park is named after the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. In July 2010, Olympic-themed artwork was installed in the park to further enhance the environment.

Today, the park provides shady and cool corners for rest, and offers a good vintage point for photography. A boardwalk connects the park to Marina Promenade, and The Helix Bridge connects the park to Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts.

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Art is subjective

Many people will pass through this park en-route to the Helix Bridge and Marina Sands. Whether they actually take time to explore it is another matter altogether.

The common perception of such a small park usually gives the impression that there isn't much to see anyway. Also, with the park situated just before a long trek across Helix Bridge, some people would rather get the journey to Marina Sands over and done with quickly before they start melting. That is probably why I find myself one of only a few visitors at this park a month before the YOG events. To be fair, it was a pretty hot day and the trees were still failing in the shade department then.

Because it is an 'art park', there are art touches everywhere. Most, like the stone blocks with different sporting icons and the uniquely designed shelter, appealed to the artist wannabe in me. Others, like the concrete tur..sorry, mountain sculpture, in the middle of the park, is less agreeable. Not everyone will see exploring the park worthy of their time. If one doesn't have a thing for art at all, this park is gonna be just another park to them.

Therefore, I'd say the attraction of this park really depends on the individual. To me, the YOG Park is a charming corner of creativity right before the white serpentine coils of the helix bridge.

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Nothing much.

The first time I went to the Youth Olympic Park was earlier this month when I was at MBS for the Canon Photomarathon. This was one of the pit stops for my friends and I to try to find interesting objects to capture. While there, I definitely looked around the park and took a few moments to admire the area. The Youth Olympic Park is definitely small, and there isn't exactly much to do apart from looking around and taking in what you see.

Nothing really breathtaking here, but one can come here and take some time to reminisce about the Youth Olympic Games that was held in Singapore, which is probably one of our proudest fetes that we have achieved as a nation.

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Nice views!

To be entirely honest, I can't say that I can see purpose of having this Youth Olympic park. I mean, yes the Youth Olympics was a big thing for our nation ad was a source of national pride. But that was already quite awhile ago.

Despite this, the park is rather pleasant as the trees have started to mature and provide some nice shade. There are definitely spots in the park that have a great view. My sister, who is an avid photographer, likes to take pictures in this park because of it's good view of the Marina Bay. It's a nice place, but I don't really get the point of saving it to remember the Singapore Youth Olympics.

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