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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

The term Pasir Ris is Malay for 'beach bolt-rope', implying a narrow beach. This charming and tranquil park offers modern park activities such as pony rides, water sports, cycling, inline skating and barbeque rental, but also features a carefully preserved 6-ha mangrove forest. Boardwalks built into this mangrove forest bring visitors closer to the inhabitants of the mangrove community. Bird enthusiasts can also observe birds from the 3-storey high Bird Watching Tower located within the mangrove forest. Another popular attraction of Pasir Ris Park is the Children's Playground. With giant space-nets, cableways and innovative play stations, the playground proves popular among both young and old.

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Bundles of fun for the kids

I remember coming here as a kid and having so much fun I refused to go home. I would say that the playground is the focus of Pasir Ris Park - I don't recall being able to have so much fun without having to pay for it. It is a unique playground for sure, and I can assure you that the kids will have so much fun here that it will be difficult getting them to leave this place without them bursting into tears and pleading to stay. It would be advisable, though, to keep an eye on the kids because some of the facilities may be too dangerous for kids to handle on their own.

Apart from that, Pasir Ris Park is actually quite a boring place, so it's not a wise idea to head here if not solely for the playground. Pasir Ris Park has never been an ideal location for me to "chill and relax", especially so since it's situated at a rather inconvenient location. This place might be pretty quiet at night as well, so it might be a suitable location for a short stroll at the park, but I don't think it is popular for that, so explore at your own risk...

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A Sporting Paradise

As a Pasir Ris native, I grew up playing in Pasir Ris Park and I often joke that it is my 'backyard'. If you are looking for a place to try out new sports while being surrounded by nature, this is the park for you.

Every weekend, my family and I would head out in our inline skates, and spend several hours blading about the park. There is a small skating ring where all the rollerbladers would gather to show off their skills and the park is also large enough for a leisurely skate-around.

Although I've yet to try it out, I have heard great things about the horse-riding activities available in Pasir Ris Park. If you're not fond of riding animals, you can always pet the cute ponies in the stable. Pasir Ris Park can be an action-packed, activity-filled venue for family gatherings and even outings with friends.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

East? West? Which is best?

AHalf way between the huge East Coast Park and the far smaller, but equally pleasant West Coast Park, and putting to one side such parks as the ones at Bishan, Mount Faber, Kent Ridge etc etc etc: come to think of it, Singapore has so many parks and all of them are pleasant.

Pasir Ris Park is at least accessible easily form the MRT. It used to be the site of the Fisherman's Village but sadly that is now in the past. Nonetheless, it has a few attractions worth a look. THe boardwalk through the mangroves is fine, though a white plastic chair in the mud put me off on one visit.

It has a horse riding rink, cycle rental and skate rental stalls, lots of picnic facilities and so on, but forget the beach. Several times, at the southern end of the three kilometre park, there have been some 'nasty smells' wafting over from who knows where, which does tend to put you off, but don't let it.

If you are in Pasir Ris and have a couple of hours to spare, it is just what it is supposed to be: a pleasant recreation area, not a tourist destination.

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An awesome place to relax!

Pasir Ris Park is a much-needed breath of fresh air for residents in Pasir Ris.

The park has great facilities for both the young, and the young at heart. Think rental shops for in-line skates and bicycles, an awesome playground and fitness centre, as well as a croquet course. There’s even a stable where you can get up close and personal with horses! It is one of the best parts of the park, and I highly recommend visiting the stable at least once!

This park gives me peace of mind amid the hustle and bustle of life in Singapore. I love going for jogs in the wee hours of the morning, while watching the sunrise. It’s a great start to the day, especially when you see other residents taking part in different exercises there as well. If you’re not a morning person, taking a stroll in the evening to enjoy the sea breeze is a wonderful way to unwind and end the day.

My trips to Pasir Ris Park have become part of my daily routine, and will continue to be so for many years to come.

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Good place for some relaxations

I used to live in Pasir Ris and I like to cycle over to Pasir Ris Park. The good thing about this park was that every few months, there would be some changes introduced to the park.

Many years back, there was a beach front eating place where you could buy hawker food and eat them on tables placed on the beach. I liked the concept but the place was closed down after about one year. It would be a nice place to bring back.

Then there was the stable. My daughter enjoyed the horse ride when she visited the park. My kids also enjoyed feeding the horses. I had not been to the park recently so I was not sure whether the stable was still there.

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Something fishy

Pasir Ris park seems like an extremely bleak beach and not worth travelling long distance for. The last time I went cycling over there, there was a strong fishy smell throughout the whole park and it was a very pungent and uncomfortable smell. Anyway, there are not many attractions around the place except for bbq pits and chalets here and there. The only exciting bit of the park is the stretch nearer to Elias Mall where there are a few chill-out bars.

Some things to note: There are not many washrooms around, the exits are sparsely located, practically nowhere to buy beverages and food

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Good for people living in the east!

I went there recently for a picnic and enjoyed myself. The place is decent, however, if you live far from the park, there isn't really a reason for you to travel all the way to visit it. There is only one bus 403 from Pasir Ris bus interchange that goes right into the park. You can walk from the interchange too if you know your way.

The playground which is the main attraction there is under renovation currently. Only a small section is open for the public. Toilets are located conveniently around the park and it is pretty after the renovation. You are advised to not swim in the sea because it is not exactly clean. Sentosa might be a better choice if you really want to take a dip in the sea.

Peaceful in the weekdays and lively during the weekends. The Pasir Ris Park is great for people in the East and those who are having chalets nearby.

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(Updated: September 25, 2012)

Take a breather from your hectic schedules!

Each visit to Pasir Ris Park never fails to make me more energised and revitalised to meet challenges ahead. I like to bath myself in the sun rays (definitely in the early mornings or late evening), enjoying the sea breeze and immerse myself to the smoothing sounds of waves. It not only gives me a good opportunity to just forget about everything and rest my soul, it also allows some reflections, undisturbed. Sometimes, reading your favourite book under the shade of a coconut tree may just do the work.

It’s a great place if you do not want to spend any money but want a cool place to have catch-up sessions with friends and family. If you want to work out, simply don on your exercise outfit, you can take a slow jog or cycle around the park. The awesome scenery and sea-breeze is definitely a bonus.

On a side note, there are no water coolers available (remember to bring your own drinks) and the toilets are still pretty dirty even though there are much improvements from a few years back.

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(Updated: September 25, 2012)

Pros and Cons

Pasir Ris Park often brings back nostalgic memories, from the earlier years when I still wore a uniform to school. When my parents would still bring their daughters the nearest beach to enjoy a picnic and go bicycle riding.

The coast isn’t very long as compared to other coastal parks. Hence it’s always contenting when I could ride my rented bike from one end to another. The breakwaters (rock structures) along the coastline are great spots to sit down with friends or family and just enjoy nature as it is.

However despite that, I have to say that the park isn’t very clean. There’re always all kinds of garbage all along the coast, and recently black goo on the sand probably caused by the oil spill off the coast a few years ago. This deters me from to have a stroll along it. Once when I was there, I spotted 3 dead fishes and 1 dead bird near the coast! That ruined my day there.

There’s also only one eatery there that I know of which is a bar. The good restaurants were demolished several years back. So make sure to have your meal or make your own when you visit Pasir Ris Park!

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great place to hangout and chill

Pasir Ris beach has been a part of my childhood since I was a little girl when my parents used to bring me to the beach every saturday. It was like a magical place to my toddler mind and until now the park has yet to lose it's feel. The beach is an ideal place to hang out with your friends and family with it's relaxed atmosphere and the great facilities. One of the biggest attraction in pasir ris beach is it's huge playground at Area 3 of the park. A popular favourite with parents with young children (and sometimes even dating teen couples) the playground is worth the hype.

Near the playground there are 3 restaurant-bars, catering those who come to the beach to eat and drink. They open till 2.30am in the morning, and it is not uncommon to see people sitting at the tables even after they've closed. The food is great and affordable as well.

Barbecuing in the park is great, only if you book a pit in Area 1 of the park which is closest to e-hub and downtown east. Anywhere else will be a hassle when you want to grab extra grub or that bag of charcoal. Sundays and Saturdays are crowded, for people who dislike crowded places visit the park on a weekday.

Only gripe I have with pasir ris park is that the toilets can be very, very filthy. Sometimes I can walk through the toilet doors only to walk back out 3 seconds later due to the horrible smell of piss and vomit. This is very rare but when it happens its terrible.

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More fun than you could ever imagine!

If you happen to pass by the signs "Pasir Ris Park" and "Wild Wild Wet" on the main road, please think carefully before you consider your choice. Wild Wild Wet may be a theme park with a whole lot of fun, but Pasir Ris Park is quite the equivalent. As a child, I preferred Pasir Ris Park to its neighbour Escape Theme Park (which has ceased operations).

If you're thinking that I have abnormalities, you're wrong to the core. Firstly, entrance to Pasir Ris Park is free. Unless you are planning to go for a ride at the park, you won't have to spend a single cent on entertainment. Secondly, it has a beautiful beach, which opened up my creativity as a child - sandcastles! Thirdly, it has this maze garden, which is quite fun to be in, unless if you're stuck in there for a whole hour (you won't, though).

Have a picnic with your family, bring your children for a swim, or just take some time to explore the wonderful scenery of Pasir Ris Park!

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Maze garden!
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