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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

One of the oldest parks in Singapore, Mount Faber Park is surprisingly popular with tourists but not locals. There are look-out points, a mural wall depicting scenes of local history and its home to one of the four Merlion sites in Singapore.

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Hilltop scenery of Singapore

Mount Faber Park is one of my favourite parks of all time - it's quiet enough for a romantic night out, and standing right at the top gives you a perfect bird's eye view of the city. Although getting here may be pretty troublesome for those who don't drive (or even for those who do), I would say it's every bit worth the trouble - especially if you're coming here to enjoy a quiet, romantic night with your partner.

There's also a cafe/bar (can't recall the name anymore though) with an alfresco setting which serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Perfect setting and ambience, though the drinks are slightly more expensive than expected, but I guess the atmosphere pretty much makes up for it.

My partner brought me here as a surprise on my birthday quite a few years back, and I was awed by this beautiful place because I'd never been here before prior to that occasion. It was very much a pleasant surprise and I've had fond memories of this place ever since.

I haven't been here in the day before, so I can't comment on how this place is during the day, but I would suppose the thought of the heat and humidity is enough to put one off from visiting during the day...

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Breathtaking view

Am an avid fan of heights, or any places that allows me to have a bird's eye view, and I got swept away by what unfolded infront of my eyes while I was at Mount Faber. The view was absolutely picturesque yet none of the photos taken on my iPhone 4S could do any justice to it, which was a terrible bummer because I wanted to capture the stunning view.

At the peak of Mount Faber there are also bars and restaurants that allows you to enjoy a meal while taking in the view. My family and I enjoyed snapping away at their rainbow stairs right at the feet of the bar that we decided to try that day. The rainbow stairs were just one of the many instagram-worthy spots that I found there that day.

Also, we were greeted with the beautiful sight of the sun setting while sipping on our apple ciders (yay to happy hour!). The entire place was lovely in the day, but it was simply breathtaking at night. Pretty sure anyone would want to visit the place with their significant other. Can't believe my first visit to Mount Faber was my only visit, I need to know of more spots like these in Singapore!

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Mount Faber-ulous? Maybe

Faber-ulous? Possibly

I often visit this park. I avoid the Jewel Box as I rarely wear my tux. In fact, I don’t think I ever had one. Also, I don’t own a Merc or a Ferrari. My normal vehicle seats almost 80 people. Did I say seats? Sorry. I forgot. Singapore’s idea of efficient buses and trains is to remove the seats and cram more people in hanging from straps.

But back to Mt Faber’s Cable Car terminal and the Jewel Box et al. I occasionally take friends over to Sentosa on the cable car. That is fun. But my main reason for recommending Mount Faber is the walking and the views.

The park around the peak is well maintained and quite delightful. Many paths (and steps) lead up to and around the mountain (it is actually a hill). Most being well tree shaded, the mountain (hill) makes for pleasant walks, even on a hot day.

During the day, check out the ring road and the paths that run at several different levels around the mountain. Wonder at the Danish Seamen’s Mission and ask what on earth is the function of that old pile now? Climb down paths and steps to small gardens set into the sides of the hill. Watch out for snakes. I’ve seen a few, but fortunately they saw me first.

As a starting or ending point for the hike to Kent Ridge, or even further to Clementi, along the southern ridges, it is also a spot worth resting at. But for itself, as a walker or jogger seeking a challenging workout, I love it.

But it is at night that you can enjoy the true loveliness of the place. Climb to the highest point and marvel at the metropolis of Singapore, one of the world’s most densely populated cities. Some reports place it as the second most densely populated city after Monaco, but I think there is some spin at play there. I’ve heard the same claim for Tarawa.

Stare out toward the east where a million lights brighten the darkness. To the west, across to Sentosa and further north west to Jurong, there are fewer high rises apart from the new, and stunning, Reflections.

You can spend a couple of shaded hours here in the daytime, or better still at night, wandering the many paths and wondering again at how fortunate Singaporeans are to have such a gem on the edge of their city centre.

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Has its Goods & Bads

I have been to Mount Faber around 3-4 times already. I guess it's good for people who want some morning exercises(like climbing long stairs). I remember how exhausted it was to climb those almost never-ending stairs. If you ever decided to visit, and you are the lazy person, I suggest you going with a car.

I guess it's kind of dangerous to be there alone at night seeing how quiet it is there and with lots of news about robbers appearing there. However, if you're brave enough(haha), that would be a good place to enjoy a nice & quiet time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It's also a really good place to look at fireworks too! Not to mention, from multiple places :D

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(Updated: February 15, 2013)

Great views and a romantic starry night

Mount Faber is best known for one of the romantic places that couples would go and flock. It is also a good place for progressive jogs and a healthy hike up the peak. The natural fresh air surrounds refreshes your mind and the scenery on top is awe-aspiring. It is also one of the tourist attraction and there's a fine restaurant nearby, The Jewel Box, Sapphire, to dine in.

Best place for star-gazing, photography and peaceful sharing of thoughts. Try to avoid going in the afternoons as there may be buses filled with tourists if you are driving or riding on weekends and finding some spots to park. Depends on certain weekdays as well.

If you are a nature lover, adventurous and don't mind the extra mile, part of Mount Faber is connected to Henderson Waves to Telok Blangah Hill Park then to Kent Ridge that you can explore by using the Southern Ridges. Thumbs up!!

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Best sceneries and cooling location
Mount Faber
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Nature's finest

Our first Mount Faber experience was a disaster. ☺ It’s not much of a failure though. We were just not prepared for it. At least that time – not yet. ☺ I was pretty sure the park is magnificent and is very determined to pay it a visit. But looking from where we are, we thought we would have a lot of climbing to do. But still… on we went. The hike up was fun. Tiring, yet fun. It was like a jungle experience. Unfortunately for us, we weren’t built for mountain climbing (☺) so we were all impatient to get to the top.

It was very tiring indeed but it was worth every sweat. The view from the top was indeed magnificent. Nature always has its way of lifting our spirit. The sight of cable cars going to and from Sentosa Island, good food and restaurants, cool and fresh air are bonuses to the park’s “awesomeness”. The place was a splendid backdrop. Perfect for photo taking.

At the end of the day, we claimed we still had the time of our lives. It had given us extreme feelings. Exhausted but soothed, strained but consoled.

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Unofficial love hotel

Don’t be misled by my title. There is no hotel at all at Mt Faber park. I call it the official love hotel because it known as a place where some adventurous couples go to make love.

But there is good reason for that. On the few occasions that I went there with my girlfriend, I found it to be a particularly romantic place. Everything from the quiet and lush surroundings, the soft whisper of the insects to the studding views of the city makes for a unique and special experience unlike any other.

But even if you are not going there with a special someone, you can still enjoy Mt Faber Park by following the scenic walking trails before finishing at one the restaurants at the peak.

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The Great Mt Faber Jam

I've been here a few times for various reasons, one of which is watching fireworks during a countdown. That was a nightmare.

There was a traffic jam that started halfway up the slope and ends at the tiny carpark where cars are actually trying to get out but failing to do so due to that very jam. It was a lose-lose situation. Thank god I was riding a bike then. After someone shouted down to us that the traffic isn't gonna move, I gingerly rode onto the sidewalk, parked my bike and walk up the slope, past the endless line of cars with resigned looks etched on the faces of their owners. Engines were already being turned off and people coming out of their cars to be feasted by the mosquitoes.

In a way, it was exciting, like a detective drama. As I got nearer and nearer to the top, more and more information were being filtered down below and speculations were rife among the stranded drivers. When I reached the top and discovered the stalemate, I felt a wave of sympathy for all the luckless drivers down the road.

So now I know - Never, ever drive to Mt Faber for fireworks. Or countdowns. Or anything you think might attract hordes of like-minded people there. Because the roads there just ain't big enough for a jam to clear.

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Romantic spot.

Mt Faber Park is a romantic spot for many couples. I used to come here once in awhile with my wife. It is a stop for cable cars to Sentosa and the rides are truly breathtaking if a little pricey. There are cable car dinners available too but those will cost you a bomb.

Aside from that, there are many spots to spend some romantic times. There are also restaurants available to celebrate an anniversary or occasion. I explored the option of celebrating an anniversary at the Jewel Box or at a cable car dinner and quickly abandoned the idea. While my wife would have appreciated the unique and romantic settings, she would have freaked out at spending over $50 for a steak or more than $200 for a cable car dinner.

The venues there are pricey. But if you are just walking around, its romantic and cost you nothing.

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Nice place to catch the sunrise

I once came here early in the morning to catch the sunrise after an all-night excursion. There are now observation decks and plenty of benches to relax on though at 6am in the morning, that is not an especially smart thing to do as the benches are cold and covered with dew.

Not too far away, Sentosa could be seen and you can expect to start seeing the first rays of light at around 6.30am. If you are an avid photographer and sunrises are your passion, then make sure you set up your gear to catch the first rays of light.

Do bring along some hot drinks, things can get a little cold in the morning and there are no shops open at that hour there. Once the sun is up, the harbour view is magnificent. Happy shooting!

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The romantic place with a war history.

Mt Faber is probably more well-known in Singapore as the place with cable car station and a place for couples to spend time. Well, I have taken a cable car from Mt Faber before, had a company dinner at Jewel Box, and went up to Mt Faber halfway intending to have a picnic with my friends which was halfway cause it started raining.

It is a nice and quiet place and all times of the day, and boast a really nice view of Sentosa Island and the inland view of Tiong Bahru, Redhill and further northwards. It is a place where I remembered having drawing lessons and trying to capture the sights and sounds on a canvas.

Yet not many people realise that this was also the site of one of the battles in World War 2 against the Japanese, where the soldiers defended the area so strongly but was eventually overrun. It was literally one of the last line of defences in the war. A tank is placed near the parking area of the park as a remainder of the war history, but it is something that not many people is aware of, much less the story of what went through behind it.

So the next time you go up, enjoy the scenery and also check out the history to learn to appreciate the peace that we have.

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