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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Calm and peaceful in the mornings, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is a pleasant place for leisure strolls or jogs. Benches along the edge of the reservoir offer great spots from which to enjoy the turquoise waters and the balmy breeze. A fishing jetty (maintained by PUB) extending from the park into the reservoir caters to the fishing enthusiasts. Here to their delight, large snakeheads and tilapias can be caught. As the day approaches the late afternoon, the reservoir park transforms into a water sports hub. Popular with kayaks and dragon-boating, the water teems with high energy amidst sporadic shouts of cheers. Participating in such water activities is definitely the best way to enjoy the beautiful waters and scenery our reservoir has to offer. And in Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, the PA Water-Venture outlet provides a pleasant place for leisure kayak rentals. (Note: Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays). The Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waters project can be found at the park too, and includes a Family Bay with a new performance stage, a water play area, a bioswale rain garden, as well as a Heritage Bridge. You will also find the Rowers' Bay at the other side of the reservoir too.

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Loving the Boardwalks!

The Lower Seletar Reservoir used to be a place known only to people who enjoy fishing, and those who live around the vicinity, who enjoy an early morning stroll and jogging in the breeze. There is a wooden fishing jetty which stretches into the reservoir, and it is often filled with people in the evening, trying their luck in fishing.

Recently, the place has a new inclusion, another boardwalk! They have refurbished the place a little as well, there are now water fountains and an 'amphitheater' like area where you could just sit around and watch the water fountains while the kids frolic and run around, playing with the water.

Photo enthusiasts have often organized outings to this reservoir to take photos during dusk and dawn, where the sky will be beautiful illuminated a glorious orange, making a brilliant photo. One can simply bask in the scenery and be awed by the beautiful panoramic view of the morning sky at this reservoir.

For those who are interested in water sports, you can also rent a kayak and paddle around the reservoir. Many competitions like dragon-boating and kayaking often take place at this reservoir as well.

It is definitely a nice place to spend a serene and peaceful evening.

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Walking the line

Eerie folk-lore seem to congregate around large water bodies in this South-East Asian culture. I remember the incident of a couple toppling their canoe in Seletar Reservoir, with only the female counterpart re-surfacing. Giggling at first, it must've taken her quite awhile to realise that her partner was not coming up anymore. No blood, no current, no explanation. The real freaky thing was that after four days of searching, they uncovered another body, washed up on the shore.

But the place I want to talk about isn't just one large water body, it's a thin stretch of land between two large water bodies - one fresh and one salt. North of Seletar reservoir, there is a road that has the reservoir on one side, with the sea on the other. Haunted by young fishermen just looking for a place to hang out, the road in itself isn't creepy. In fact, it's a pleasant place to be. Often I'd dream of setting up a barbecue, enjoying the breeze and the hypnosis of good conversation. I'd recommend taking some choice friends there at night, when the local country club has its lights on. It certainly is a beautiful sight. Beware though, occasionally, sightings of crocodiles have been reported.

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(Updated: January 21, 2013)

Rain Haven

With only one small lane leading into the car park, this little park can easily be missed when you're driving in from the main road. I visited the park with a friend today after the downpour died into a drizzle. As expected, the rain had kept everyone away and the place was almost deserted.

Despite the cool drizzle, walking in the small streams at the waterplay area was comfortably warm on the feet. The anti-slip boardwalk also prevented my rubber flip-flops from turning into skating boots of death, avoiding any unpleasant slipping accidents.

We took a stroll right to the end of the jetty, where we can view out into the reservoir in all directions. After that, we walked back to a bench in the middle of the jetty to sit and chat while munching on the chips we brought. By this time, the drizzle had stopped and couples are appearing at regular intervals. It was time to go.

This small reservoir park is relatively peaceful and romantic, even though traffic rumblings from the roads can be heard at times. However, perhaps because today is a Sunday, couples started arriving as soon as the rain stops. I'm almost afraid to imagine the crowd on a weekend where there is no rain and the place is dry and inviting.

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"Reservoir" flows in you

Yet another tranquil place to clear your thoughts, this park does not see many visitors in the weekdays. Even in weekends there is just slightly more people, so you do not need to worry about meeting a huge crowd. I saw a number of couples around and of course they aren’t at all noisy. In fact, they help to build up a slightly romantic ambience too.

The area is generally quiet, save for the sound of the water streaming that drowns the voices of people talking (on a normal volume) even when they are just a short distance away. The sound simply does not travel! Conversely, if you are with someone, you could talk to them in private without needing to worry anyone overhearing.

I personally love to sit on this one bench that is in super close proximity to the endless streaming of water. It is more cooling there compared to sitting at the other benches. Also, do not be surprised if you go home later and discover you have mosquito bites as the place is kind of mosquito-infested (I might be a tad too harsh on this). Still, it wouldn’t hurt for you to use some insect repellent just to be safe!

The environment aside, I felt that the toilets were too far distanced apart as you really have to run to another end if you are sitting too far from the toilet areas. Otherwise, there’s nothing much to grouse over about this park.

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Beautiful scenery definitely worth a visit

A stone's throw away from my home, the lower seletar reservoir in Khatib is a beautiful waterfront park complete with well-built structures, play and relaxation areas.

It's a pretty small park and reservoir even by Singapore's standards but I find it a really quaint and picturesque place for a walk or a jog, even if it's not really big enough for a good run. The most outstanding feature of the park would have to be the newly built jetty extending into the reservoir. It's pretty (and well shaded) at practically all times of the day, a point well-proven by the number of times I have seen couples taking wedding shots, amateur photographers practising their hobby, and even TV crew filming shows or interviews there.

There is also a mini “amphitheatre” area surrounding a water fountain, water wheel, and even shallow “streams” set in the stone ground that is always a hit with children (and the young-at-heart) for wading through. This area together with the jetty is especially pretty when lit up at night with well-placed lights on the ground. Park benches and a good number of trees complete the park. Definitely a beautiful place to get away from our urban landscape and relax our eyes and mind.

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