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The National Orchid Garden, opened on 20 October 1995 by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, is located on the highest hill in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Three hectares of carefully landscaped slopes provide a setting for over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids, with about 600 species and hybrids on display.

The distinctive feature of the National Orchid Garden is its design concept which presents the display of plants in four separate colour zones over most of its areas :the "spring" zone with its prevailing colours of bright and lively shades of gold, yellow and creams; the "summer" zone with its major tones of strong reds and pinks; the "autumn" zone of matured shades; and the "winter" zone of whites and cool blues. The colour zonation is achieved by a careful blend of selected trees, shrubs, herbs and orchids (mostly hybrids) with matching foliage and floral colours.

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Stunning, a spot to truly escape

Although I had been to the Botanic Gardens a few times before, sadly I didn’t even know that the Orchid Gardens was there. I would normally be ashamed of my lack of knowledge, but seeing that everyone here was at least over the age of 65, comforted me and my ignorance. You have to pay $5 for entry, but if you have a valid student ID this is only $1, probably to try and entice the youth into a spot clearly favoured by those in their golden years.

I always thought that the Gardens were stunning, but the Orchid Garden clearly has so much love and attention paid to it, and it is beautiful. There are lots of little fountains across the garden, spots designed specifically to have the best photos taken, and even flower conditioning (whatever that is) taking place. It’s quiet, peaceful, and a perfect escape from the busy life of many of us.

The Colonial House standing in the gardens is a really cool touch. It gives you a bit of shelter from the sun, as well as a chance to learn about where you are and what happened here in the past. The Botanic Gardens aren’t a world heritage sight for nothing, and this orchid garden somehow makes a beautiful spot even more amazing.

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Flowers galore and more

Take a walk in Botanic Gardens and you will find the National Orchid Garden. Entry fee for adults would be S$5 per ticket. Good news for students and senior citizens, tickets are priced at S$1. During the first week of school holidays, admission is free for all students. Simply show your student card at the counter.

Before you enter, remember your insect repellent. I got a few bites from one round of walking in the garden. Besides orchid, there are other flowers too. All the flowers are labelled individually and well-maintained by the gardeners. Enter the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House and spot the rarer orchids. Another one of the highlights would be the Cool House. Especially on a warm day, enter this cooling area; home to some of the other orchids and pitcher plants.

For photography enthusiasts, National Orchid Garden will be the perfect place to snap some photographs; especially macro, which I personally enjoy. For S$1, it is worth a visit if you are around Botanic Gardens.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Thank you, Miss Joaquim

This is the crown jewel of the fabulous Botanic Gardens. Seniors get in for only one dollar! What a pleasure. Thousands of orchids, beautifully maintained. Mind you, I was surprised to see Margaret Thatcher and her best mate Reagan there. They named orchids after politicians? How offensive to the orchids!

That aside, the National Orchid Gardens are superb and deserve a visit, even if you are not an orchid fancier. The beauty and variety of the orchids is stunning.

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Flower power. ',)

National Orchid Garden is within the vicinity of Singapore Botanical Garden. This is where a wide variety of orchids are housed. My mom, an orchid lover ended her day in this garden impressed and looking forward for another visit. Some of the species are really rare and others are quite hard to grow. There is even a cool house for species grown in cold places. Cool huh! I personally loved this portion of the garden because somehow it brought back my energy drained from too much heat. Really cool. ☺

The maintenance of this garden is commendable. It has well planned landscape and distinct features that make it far different from other flower gardens. The flowers, trees and shrubs are carefully arranged and structured for color matching and classy effect. The flowers are really treated very special that is why they seem to be always in full bloom.

A lot of dignitaries have visited this place. Some orchids are named after them in memory of their visit.

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Green palace

The National Orchid Garden is found within the Botanic Gardens. It's a remarkable place indeed. To be honest, I expected a mosquito-infested swamp where only the bored trod. On hindsight, what was I thinking? It's a national monument, why would they leave it to rot?

Anyways, you have to pay a token fee of $1 in order to get in. Don't be fooled into assuming it is just your typical park either. It's almost like a museum - albeit one that is orchid-oriented. From the famed Vanda Miss Joaquim to the more exotic flowers of the Old World, signs are also posted for visitors to read more about each beauty, making it not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the brain.

Highly recommended for a date night.

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Feels almost surreal

When I stepped into the National Orchid Garden, it felt as though I was transported to another place that is not on earth. You may feel like I'm exaggerating but I really felt as though the colours of the flowers are too vibrant to be true. It almost felt scary because it felt so fake.

I went on a rainy day which made it very hard to walk around because there were no sheltered pathways. But there were gazebos around. Ponchos are advised on rainy days. Umbrellas would be too much of a trouble. The $1 entrance fee for students was very worth it for the experience i got. The flowers are really breathtaking.

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Beautiful display

Located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the National Orchid Garden is an absolutely beautiful display of varieties of Singapore’s national flower. Apart from the ever famous Vanda Miss Joaquim (pronounced Wa-kim), there are several other species of orchids that vary in terms of colour, shape, growth patterns and many more characteristics. Entry to the park requires a separate ticket that can be purchased at the counter outside the garden.

Orchids are colourful flowers and what greets you is just a rainbow of brightly coloured plants. Each orchid is carefully labeled and you can observe the characteristics of the plant up close as the displays are not too far away from you. The garden has been well maintained and surprisingly, although the orchids are in such close reach of visitors, they are still mostly in very good condition.

As usual with most nature areas in Singapore, insect-repellent is a must. Also bring an umbrella as there are no sheltered walkways within the garden and may be uncomfortable when the sun is at its peak.

I visited the park as part of a school excursion, where we were supposed to get inspiration for a haiku from observing the beauty of nature. Indeed, the atmosphere provided me with great inspiration and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

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