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This is one of the oldest parks in Singapore. Built in the 1930s' Katong Park with its sea frontage was a favourite with families for Sunday picnics. Many learnt to swim in the sea here. A pagar (fence) was built to create a safer swimming bay. The park lost its sea frontage in 1966 due to land reclamation. On 24 September 1953, a bomb exploded here. It marked the beginning of Kronfrontasi (Confrontation) when Indonesia, led by Sukarno, opposed the formation of Malaysia which, until 1965, included Singapore. The explosion broke the windows of then Ambassador Hotel across the road. Within two weeks, two more bombs went off here. There were no casualties in all three incidents.

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How to find Fido

This park has gone to the dogs! Literally. A part of it is fenced of to be friendly for fido, and that adds to its imited charms.

OK, there is a quasi archeological dig where they claim there is an old British fort. It’s not just a claim, it is the truth.

Does it add to the park or make it a desirable destination?

Not at all. Dogs aside, it is simply a pleasant enough area through which to walk as you go to the Fort Road end of the East Coast Park.

It is a passage, not a destination, unless you want to let Fido go for a run without a leash.

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Fort Katong Historical Park

Following the hype surrounding Fort Tanjong Katong, I went down to the park for a look because it is just so near to the areas that I frequent. However, the fort had already been reburied by the time of my visit.

When I was there, it was almost 12am and the place was pretty deserted. The park sports usual facilities like the playground and fitness corner but otherwise, there's nothing real special about it. It's sort of sad to see the current predicament of such a popular waterfront park in the past.

However, I expect NParks will revive this little park with the remains of Fort Katong in the near future. Those guys tend to jump into historical themes for their parks whenever history allows. And this time, I'm more than a little interested to see the result.

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Di Tanjong Katong....

Katong Park is by no means the biggest or the most beautiful park in Singapore. Before the massive reclamation project in the 60s, Katong Park would have been located at the water's edge, where many people would have gone for a swim in picturesque surroundings.

Back in the day, I was told by my dad that Katong Park was the place to go to for a swim and to meet the opposite gender. I wouldn't doubt him.

I was born in a time when Katong Park is no longer by the water's edge, the sea is now at least a kilometer away. I was drawn to Katong Park when the remains of Fort Katong was discovered. I came to the park to witness and help in the excavation of the fort. It was apparently, the only fort of its kind in Singapore, from a classical definition.

The excavation site has now been filled in, for safety and to preserve the site, while awaiting for further action. I hope that it would be conserved.

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Quiet & Good place for recreational sports

This place is usually known as a makeshift home for the homeless or just as an unused park but that is not true. Located at a conspicuous corner along Fort Road and Meyer Road, it is not very easily accessible. I go there biweekly to play frisbee and captain's ball with a few of my friends. We make use of a relatively large space on the grass field. It is a no-frills place for fun sports. However, there are hidden big roots on the ground so be careful as you might trip. There is also a public toilet there with acceptable hygiene level and other than that, there is nothing much except for a patio to put your things down and a small playground.

On rainy days, the ground gets really muddy and there are no sheltered pathways to the bus stop.

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