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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Launched in 1997, the 71.07-ha Changi Business Park (CBP) offers a new and highly-conducive work environment for forward-looking businesses. Strategically located in a beautifully-landscaped environment that is supported by an energy-saving District Cooling System, CBP is a natural choice for high-technology businesses, data and software enterprises, research and development divisions of multinational companies and knowledge-intensive enterprises. Under its Land Allocation scheme, JTC allocates land for a tenure of 30 years. Lessee companies are free to construct their facilities on the land allocated to them, and they have a choice to opt for a revisable land rental payment scheme or an Upfront Premium payment scheme.

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(Updated: January 21, 2013)

Great park @ work

I came here for a walk with my friend after we've had our lunch.

Under a scorching afternoon sun, the park was deserted and empty of living souls. We were under a heatwave, and it doesn't help at all that shelter was so scarce in a park so big. Thankfully, trees in a park do provide a modicum of shade and we were able to avoid fainting into the pond we were walking alongside of.

The size of the park really blew me away. After walking down the park for 30 min, e path still seem to go on indefinitely. I guess this park is a great place for office workers to chill out or jog around in the evening, after work. It definitely isn't meant for the lunchtime crowd.

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Easy to get Lost

Changi Business Park is located quite a distance from the MRT station and a long unsheltered walk used to be required to get there, before the opening of the new mall, Changi City Point, at EXPO MRT. As this park consists of a large number of business buildings, I will not be reviewing all of them but the one I primarily visited during my part-timing days.

The place I am going to review is Plaza 8 within the park. This building has most of the food and beverage outlets and is where most working people went for lunch breaks before the building of Changi City Point. The foodcourt here has fabulous food, and the bakery has the best waffles I have ever eaten. I feel that the people working here are really able to enjoy a good, delicious and fulfilling lunch everyday.

Within the park itself, it is difficult to navigate, as there are no clear signs as to where each building is. When I first tried to look for my workplace, I got lost even as I was using the GPS on my phone. In addition to that, crossing the roads can be rather hazardous as there are no specified places to cross and people simply rush across whenever there are no cars.

Overall I feel that the welfare is taken care of when it comes to food for the business people working here, but it would be better if there were clearer signs to direct first-timers to their respective buildings.

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