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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Screening off Bedok Estate from the Pan Island Expressway is Bedok Town Park - a park built on an undulating terrain with high mounds. The main attractions in Bedok Town Park are the long, flat and linear cycling and jogging tracks and the fitness equipment, which are popular with local residents. A foot reflexology footpath is also available if you long for a foot massage at the end of a long day. This park is planted with many varieties of fruit trees, with the noticeable ones being mango trees. Under the shade of these trees, you and your families can gather around for a picnic.

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Just passing through, but delightful

Stretching along the PIE, one would think that this would be a noisy nothingness, but in fact, it is pleasant. Singapore planners have done well with this park. It is not up the standard of that you find in Bishan or Punggol, but nonetheless it is pleasant enough and no doubt provides a natural sanctuary for the thousands in their HDB high rises nearby.

If you take the Bedok PCN or Siglap PCN en route to or from Bedok Reservoir, you will pass through this park, and you will enjoy it. It has enough fitness equipment to satisfy even the most enthusiastic.

I sometimes wonder what it is with those who seek to get fit by paying fortunes to gymnasiums, only to sweat themselves out in unhealthy air conditioned cages. Open air. Do it yourself outside exercises stations where you don’t rely on the electric motor to drive the mechanism are , to my mind, the equal of circuits on a series of sweat covered gym gear. But them I never challenged anyone for the title of Mr Universe.

Meanwhile, I’ll simply go back and enjoy this park, and the many others Singapore is fortunate to have,

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(Updated: January 18, 2013)

Passing through!

Bedok Town Park serves as a passing scene of greenery every time I'm cycling into Bedok Central.

Travelling from my place to Bedok, crossing the Pan-Island Expressway is inevitable. Therefore, I'm thankful for the number of overhead bridges that spans across the expressway from the park. Although I could've reached Bedok if I cycled by the roads, that would have been a big detour to my destination and let's face it - why do that when there is a green sanctuary for you to traverse through?

That said, this park isn't meant for much else. Amenities are poor and the whole place becomes pretty dark and deserted at night. If you are not passing through here, you might as well give it a miss.

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More of an intermediary

I did not know what I've ventured into was a park. When i rode my bike down the path, I actually thought for a moment that it was an extension of a PCN park connector, and it had more greenery than usual.

Located beside an expressway in close proximity to the much larger Bedok Reservior Park, Bedok Town Park is neatly linear. With sparse amenities (I picked out a fitness corner, playground and a toilet with its accompanying snack store), there is nothing much to see. And unlike the larger parks, not worth your while travelling there expressly to see it unless you're a resident. On my first time, I was already so bored that I couldn't wait to get away from it.

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Oh, it's a park?

When I first walked into Bedok Town Park, I did not even realise I was already in it. The park lacks the basic features expected of it such as adequate greenery, a peaceful ambience and a variety of facilities.

The park reeks of decomposed matter and garbage. I suppose the park isn't popular among the residents too. I could count the number of people present on my fingers.

There is a playground situated in the park but many of the mini rides were broken and the the slides were dirty. It is also difficult to jog in Bedok Town Park as you have to avoid areas cordoned off for renovations.

I suggest Bedok residents visit Bedok Reservoir Park instead.

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Just like every estate, Bedok has its own park for leisure purposes as well.
However, due to the close vicinity of Bedok Reservoir Park and Bedok Town Park, the latter hence is a less popular place for runs and hanging out.

Bedok Town Park is now undergoing slight demolition due to the ongoing construction of the new downtown train line. Parts of the park have been reserved and cordoned off to pave way for this transport tool. This more or less affects the running route that runners are previously used to. Apart from that however, the facilities such as the fitness corners at the park have been recently changed for the better, where some are even catered to those wheelchair bound park visitors.

The park itself, as compared to the more bustling and active Bedok Reservoir Park across the traffic light, is kind of sparse in terms of other facilities. Even the bicycle rental stall is abandoned for quite some time, while the toilets around are in bad conditions for usage.

Overall, a casual jog at Bedok Town Park is apt for the residents of Bedok, and that is pretty much that you can do there.

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