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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Admiralty Park is 27 hectares composed of a 7 ha urban garden and a 20 ha nature area. The Admiralty Park is unique as it is the largest park in the north with a river, Sungei Cina, following through it. The main nature path is aligned along the valley where you can enjoy scenic landscapes while trekking through the 5 natural habitats found ine area. A 20-hectare nature area with a rich variety of animals and plants, it is the biggest nature area within a park in Singapore. Amenities include three boardwalks and a 2-km nature trail for visitors to enjoy its rustic surroundings. All of the boardwalks span over the river Sungei Cina, thus allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty of the river at different water levels. The third boardwalk is within the mangrove forest, giving visitors the opportunity to observe the mudskippers and birds in the mudflat. Special arrangements have been made to locate the boardwalks and the trail so as to minimise disturbance to the existing mangrove swamp and habitats.

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Good for that long walk

For some, Admiralty Park can come across as boring as there is no particular attractive scenery for people to view. Still, it has most of the basic facilities a good park would have. This includes a fitness corner for that daily exercise!

There are non-complicated winding trails where a late afternoon stroll would be great for. It’s really interesting as it is not all plain pavements- there are pebbles and stones you can trudge on for a massaging effect on your soles. I’ve seen the elderly enjoy such walks. However, if you are not into ‘walking on the pebbles’, just remember to wear a good pair of shoes in case you have to cross such paths.

While the place is good for long walks, do take note of the time. There is this particular area where there is no lamp- posts, so when the sun sets, it gets really dark, almost pitch-black and naturally unsafe. The only way you can see where you are going is by looking at the little lights seeping in through the tress from other lamp-posts stationed further away. In other words, you will have hard time. So do go prepared with flashlights if necessary.

Getting to the park is not that time consuming as it is just a 10-15minutes walk away from the MRT at most. So don't sweat it!

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

A picture perfect park

This is a wonderful park for children and adults. Admiralty Park, here, you will enjoy this clean and spacious family park. You will find all sorts activities including the playground, exercise equipment, jogging or walk the beautiful picturesque park- it's your call. This is an awesome place to come and enjoy the outdoors.

It is also a perfect place to take your dog for some exercise. For the size of the park, the area is good enough to allow your dog some freedom and companionship with others.

Fellow kiddies!(Not sure whether you're reading this) The park also has lots of playground facilities and grassy area to enjoy.

The park has gone from an abandoned field to a beautiful green space and well manicured grass areas with benches and lovely flower gardens. It is a nice place to take a break from school or work. Just a side note; the park is often bubbling in the afternoon.

Personally, I feel that the park is a great place to read, meet with neighbors and friends or just relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Well-maintained and active, this is the type of park that brings a community together, and a wonderful place for you to become part of that community.

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