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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 18, 2016    

SG NextBus is an app which informs users the arrival times of buses at the bus stops nearby. It sends notifications of arrival times at one minute intervals.

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The everyday app

SG NextBus is my lifesaver. It is an app I use everyday without fail. Every morning, I check the SG NextBus app to estimate how much time I have to get ready and rush to the bus stop outside my house. It’s really a great help.

SG NextBus allows you to check the arrival times of the coming buses at bus stops near you. It’s super convenient if you have to change buses. They also send you notifications at intervals to update you, so there’s no need to stay in the app. I really love this as it saves a lot of battery. However, the app has occasional glitches and I feel really lost without knowing my bus arrival timings.

I feel that the app will be so much more helpful if they allowed us to check bus timings at bus stops far from me. It will make my journey much easier to plan.

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