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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on March 12, 2014    

Chow Wei Lin, a 48 year old factory supervisor, made the news recently for donating 28% of his liver to a young girl he has never met. Originally, his identity was not disclsed and there were much debate going on as to his identity. After his details were released in the press, he was consequently hailed nationwide for his generiosity and big heartedness. This incident is extremely rare in Singapore, where approximately 50 patients suffering from diseases of the liver quene up annually waiting for donors. 


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Touched by his gesture

In all truth, Chow Wei Lin deserves all the praise and laudings hes been receiving lately on national media. Hardly anyone would have went all this way even for a friend, let alone a stranger that you totally don't know.

To paint a good picture of how liver donation is like in Singapore, the number of liver patients waiting for a donor has tripled in the recent years. Annually, 50 new patients joins the existing quene to get a liver, in which despite pleas by the government and welfare groups, remains uncertain. The inflow from consent of organs harvesting after death fluctuates as people increasing gain the know how of opting out of the automatic scheme and are making decisions to jump the wagon in accordance to their believes and wishes of their remains upon death.

Hence, to take a step forward to do the painful operation on your healthy liver is a very brave one. Chow has entirely no obligations to the girl suffering from liver disease, and what he did was out of the goodness of his heart. If only more people were as brave, we may find that it becomes much easier to help liver patients gain a new lease of life once again.

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