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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on January 04, 2014    

In many hawker centres and coffeeshops throughout Singapore, it is customary to be approached by drink stall aunties asking you what you would like to drink. Often, after taking your order, these additional helpers will shout it across to the staff at the drink stall, contributing to the loud, cheery and noisy atmosphere of the place 


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(Updated: January 05, 2015)

Potential Parade Commander

Depending on your luck, you'll either find yourself served by a relatively pleasant lady with a smile or you'll be suffering from a terrible customer service.

Albeit, the drink stall auntie/uncle is an essential factor in the entire bustle of the coffeeshop atmosphere. I often think of them to have high potential to be the parade commanders for our National Day Parade. There's this drink stall uncle at the coffeeshop near my school who has left me a deep impression. His shouts of orders to the drink stall is so deafening all heads will turn to the source of the noise. While I was initially rather startled by his random outbursts, I soon found it quite amusing.

On a more serious note, regardless of the way we are served by these coffeeshop aunties and uncles, I admire them for their long hours of dedication to their work and their endurance of the heat, smell and crowd of the coffeeshop. It is not an easy job, and they deserve our respect.

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Sweet, lovely aunties

Drink stall aunties are an integral part of every Singaporean hawker centre. Without them, how do we get our ice Milo, Bandung and other local drinks?

Whenever the drink stall aunties come by the table, I always order my usual drink - Ice Milo. When I frequent a particular coffee shop or hawker centre very often, the aunties usually remember what drink I always order and they often shower us with compliments in Mandarin. These aunties can be really sweet!

At the end of the day, Singaporean hawker centres wouldn't be complete without these hardworking, wonderful drink stall aunties. I really appreciate them and I'm so thankful that they're around. :)

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Charming in their weird quirks and ways.

"Ah ger, the regular right? Auntie knows lah, don't worry."

The thickly accented Singlish voice never fails to remind me of my identity of a Singaporean. Wile many might complain about the pervasiveness of the lackluster standards of Singlish, I contend that it isn't the problem. The problem lies in being able to switch from good English to singlish.

Being a regular at a drink stall and seeing the smiles on my favorite drink stall auntie's face, I never hesitate to switch to Singlish from the English that I'm used to. "Ya Auntie, how have you been? The weather nowadays hot ah." The drink stall auntie would then nod and continue rambling on about the funny days when she was a child.

I really love the way the aunties from stalls manage to charm me with their quirks and ways - maybe partly because Females just connect with each other better.

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The loudest natural microphones in the land does not belong to gangster wielding parangs chasing people, nor do they belong to karung guni men plying their trade. I would credit the vocal cords of coffeeshop drink stall aunties as being the best of the best.

Visualise Titanic, not the actual one as I'm very sure you haven't seen it in real life, but a steamship of its class. Now imagine that you're on a float in the ocean and the ship is going past you. The amount of noise that big colossal of a ship is akin to the superb coffeeshop drink stall auntie announcing your order to the drink stall staff.

Ok I'm indeed exaggerating. But I'm thankful for them anyway. These aunties are usually really sociable and outgoing, and while waiting for your order they might hang around and have a chat with you. In my younger days I'd be bludgeoned with questions about school and exams. However, going to 20, the subjects discussed becomes progressively more lewd and I get the creeps sometimes. Get ready for the first question about whether you have a girlfriend.

I'd advise patrons to check the actual price of the drinks first before ordering. I've fallen prey to an unscrupulous auntie who inflated the price of the drink by 40 cents as part of a hidden 'service charge'. Overall, appreciate the sight! Its only in Singapore that you get to see these aunties in action!

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What would a hawker centre be like without these drink stall aunties? They usually approach me while I am having my meal to ask if I would like a drink. Needless to say, I am thankful that lazy me doesn't have to get up and walk to the stall!

They usually serve a wide range of cold and hot beverages. However, prices can range from different stalls so make sure that you are not being overcharged! Kopi-si and teh-si drinks usually cost about 90 cents to $1.10 and canned drinks about $1.30 up.

If you frequent them enough, you can even build relationships with them. I chat with my usual drink auntie every weekend about anything under the sun. It is pleasant to be able to have someone to talk to whilst having a meal. However, be warned that there are also sour and surly aunties that look like they want to bite your head off. But in general, they are nice people and usually have a lot of stories and juicy gossips to spill if you are a listening ear :)

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