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An open dinner invitation to Singaporeans

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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on August 30, 2013    

An annual Finest Festival that aims to celebrate food and bring people together. The campaign started off innocently enough with a German couple "Dana" and "Stefan" inviting Singapore strangers for a meal in their home. You can watch the video in the media tab.

Their thoughtful gesture went viral through the internet touching many Singaporeans. This video had no mention of NTUC. In the following video, it showed the couple buying products from NTUC with NTUC recording the dinner. This was to be the first in a series of hosted dinners under the finest festival initiative.

Singaporeans were outraged and felt it was a disservice to genuine expats interested in meeting locals here. 

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(Updated: November 18, 2013)

dishonest and misleading

Like many Singaporeans I was touched by this open invitation dinner gesture and shared it with my friends. Imagine our outrage when we realised it was just a marketing ploy (by their PR agency?) and the first of a series of NTUC hosted dinners. This managed to achieve three things.

- Further the gap / trust between Singaporeans and Expats
- Make people associate disingenuity with NTUC when the truth came out (It always does)
- Make Dana and Stefan look like douche bags to all their friends

I am not sure why the hosts agreed to this or what business relationship they have with NTUC. But they shouldn't have involved them and NTUC should not have bandwagoned on their goodwill.

How should NTUC have done it? Well they should have declared their involvement from the very start, simple as that. It will be an honest approach, get decent exposure and won't experience a backlash from deceiving anyone. You don't exploit Singaporeans and make them share your content via viral marketing under false pretenses.

It was a bad move from their PR / marketing team.

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