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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 24, 2013    

LiteTutors is the website that caters to those who are in search for tutors and those who would like to be tutors. LiteTutors currently offers a wide array of tutors ranging from those under the primary sector and even those under the tertiary sector. LiteTutors showcased several of their tutors accomplishments and personal feedbacks. Assignments are also made available on LiteTutors site. LiteTutors also offer hotline services for those in search of the ideal tutor for any particular subject. LiteTutors was formed in 2008 and has been deemed trustworthy ever since.


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Inefficient and ineffective

My friends, whom plenty are aspiring tutors whilst waiting for the commencement of university, have plenty of stories to tell me about how they go about getting tutees. Out of the many who use portals online, a few used LiteTutors, and their process of finding a job there was cumbersome.

On the PR side, my take is that the website was over-enthusiastic. It is constantly publicising itself, especially on social media platforms to the extent that you feel frustrated. They are eager to snap you up, aiming to simply shove their numbers up in your faces just so that you can call them.

However, though they are actively recruiting customers, they often don't deliver on the tutor's side. One good thing is that they screen for quality, you are required to be proficient and they do this through your grades for the particular subject you want to teach and sometimes through a short interview. However, the amount of information they demand from you, the long time they take to get back to you and their requests on their portion of the money pie is frequent and irritating. People sign up with a tuition website so they could efficiently get a job quickly through the agency's connections and link-ups and not instead be hampered.

Lastly, I do not get why degree holders are hot on the list. One thing I would like to point out is that it actually makes sense for a person who just finished his/her A levels to teach someone whos taking their A levels due to their recent exposure and fresh knowledge and its applications. Moreover, if you get a recent JC graduate who is very good and is interested in the subject, additional benefits are reaped as well. Moreover, since both tutor and student are close in terms of age, they tend to get along better as well.

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What is this?

Honestly speaking, I have no idea that this was a website until now. All I knew was back when I was in Secondary school, LiteTutors added me as a friend on Facebook and they just started spamming my news feed with tuition, tuition and more tuition; as if I did not have enough tuition to drive me crazy back then.

Thus, I deleted them after being very pissed and having absolutely no clue what they are on about. Maybe if they had been clearer what they were actually advertising then I would have stayed to check out their website.

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