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Listing created by primate on February 17, 2013    

Carousell is an mobile application designed by some NUS students in Singapore. Carousell aims to bring online shopping and selling to a whole new level, making things so much easier. 


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Aka money-sucking hell

Who wouldn’t say yes to making a quick buck? My friend and I decided to set up a joint account to sell our preloved clothes one day, and it was then when I was first introduced to the most efficient buy-and-sell apps in Singapore.

Before Carousell, Singaporeans usually resort to Instagram to buy and sell their items, under the #sgselling hashtag. But considering how Instagram doesn’t allow you search more than one hashtag at once, filtering through all the photos for what you’re actually looking for is extremely tedious. With Carousell, all these woes are put to rest. Carousell is the place to go to find ANYTHING you need at a significantly cheaper price, be it clothes, or tickets to the zoo.

Users on Carousell are mostly self-regulated, which may result in some tiffs or regrettable events at times. But user trustworthiness can be determined by the feedback left on their profiles, and will greatly facilitate your shopping experience here on this app.

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The newest form of e-shopping

Carousell is a mobile application available on both the Android and Apple store and serves as an e-shopping platform connecting sellers and buyers directly. Products sold on Carousell include stationery, clothes, furniture, make up … basically anything you can think of.

Some users also use Carousell as a platform to earn extra pocket money through Pre-Orders (PO) for popula products in stores. I absolutely love Carousell! Well, that’s perhaps because I’ve only had pleasant experiences with it thus far - the sellers were extremely helpful and prompt. Some of my friends aren’t as lucky though, some receive flawed products while others face buyers who back out last minute.

Thankfully, Carousell tries to target this problem by allowing sellers and buyers to leave reviews about the other party. This allows buyers and sellers to assess the credibility of the other party before dealing with them. On the whole, I would definitely recommend Carousell as the items sold on it are a lot cheaper than in stores!

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Extra and fast cash!

With Carousell, it really depends. I cannot promise that you would enjoy using it unless you promise to use it with an open and focus mind. You should expect to be spoken to rudely/ let down and you should focus on selling your item/ buying what you want.

Personally, I have had a fulfilling experience with Carousell. I have managed to make extra cash and get rid of most of my unwanted clothes the past 2 years using this mobile application. I use it mostly only to clear my wardrobe. It really is that easiest and most convenient way to do so. All you have to do is set up an account, post all the items you would like to sell with honest details and price, and wait for response. Then, communicate with your potential buyers respectfully and hope for successful sale! All together, I have definitely made more than $500 from the things I have sold on Carousell.

Other than selling, you can also easily look for items to buy on Carousell. If you need something quick, the best place to look for the item is Carousell. For example, I found an exercise book I needed on Carousell for a quarter of its original price in the bookstore!

However, you have to be careful using this mobile application. Its security feature is hardly topnotch. Try to trust your instincts and only deal with people you feel are genuine. You can rely on reviews made on the user to judge.

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(Updated: September 07, 2015)

The New Era of Online Shopping/Selling

Have you ever bought something and wondered why the heck you bought it in the first place? Don't worry, you're not alone. The salvation to your shopping guilt comes in the form of the app - Carousell.

You can find and sell just about anything on Carousell, which divides products into various categories like For Her, Beauty Products, Luxury and even things as specific as Tickets/Vouchers. This way, if you've ever regretted buying something, you can sell it off at the tip of your fingers.

Embodying the "buy first, think later" kiasu attitude, I guess it comes as no surprise that this app was made by Singaporeans.

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This is a very useful app, I must say. I have had many fuss free and enjoyable dealings, and I like the fact that you can actually arrange meetups and pay in cash instead of, say, using a credit card or something (because I don't have one). There are some very cheap and good deals here, and I've bought mostly CDs and such for as low as 2 dollars each. Wow!

Also, since there are so many people on here, I go a lot of followers very fast (although no one has bought my stuff yet). And I assure you, most of the people here are very very nice, unless you encounter the nasty lowballers or those backing out from a deal. But they aren't commonly seen.

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A Must Have For All!

When I first received an email from Carousell team, urging me to sell my stuff on the platform, I deleted it, thinking that it was a spam and 'yet another marketplace'. It was after the third email that I finally decided to download the app and...


I have used Qoo10, ebay and gumtree to sell my stuff, but NONE OF THEM allow you to put up your listing easily. Only Carousell lets you do that in seconds-minutes.
The platform has also come a longggg way thanks to the responsive team. The team does take in our suggestions and make changes to the app regularly.

I made 2 suggestions before (like many others), to include a feedback link and to make a whole new category dedicated to music/kpop and today, both of those suggestions were being fulfilled *oh joy*

Till date, I have sold more than 100 over items (I know it doesn't say so on my feedback link, but back then there weren't any feedback thingy remember?), and this is not bad right, considering that I only joined a year ago.

It has been a pleasant experience honestly, selling and buying on Carousell. If you have not sell stuff on ebay, qoo10 or gumtree before, you will not appreciate how awesome Carousell is.

In short, ANYONE can be a seller on Carousell. Housewives, students, working adults, retirees. ANYONE.

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Best App Ever

I've gotten so many good deals from Carousell, and I absolutely love it! As a buyer, you just have to make sure that you're discerning and judge for yourself of the seller is reliable. Ask questions such as what the expiry/mfg date is, where they bought it and check user reviews to see other buyers' experience with the seller. Of you're buying makeup and you doubt the authenticity of the product, my advice is to avoid people who say that the items are "in stock" or are ordering from a "trusted wholesaler", MAC, urban decay and benefit do not operate this way and the products they are selling are fake and are actually very bad for your skin.

As a seller, I've also gotten amazing deals such as selling off my iphone 5 for $600 when Singtel would have given me maybe $200 if I had just traded in my phone. My advice for selling items is that the more likes they have, the more attention it will get as it will get on the popular page so get all your friends to like you items!

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Good user experience

I recently used Carousell to link up with a junior of mine who was selling away his book collection and video games. Hence, carousell has a personal touch with me since I not only obtained stuff I genuinely wanted that is in a good condition, but also linked up with an old friend I haven't spoken to in quite a while.

In terms of user experience, Carousell is an extremely easy app to use. With its products organised neatly into different categories, I frequent lifestyle gadgets, for him and sportswear categories the most. Moreover, Carousell also functions Instagram style, allowing you to follow your friends and see what they have to sell. Moreover, the 'Activities' section allows you to track your own purchases as well as sales.

Generally, items found on Carousell tend to be cheap (no guesses because there are quite a number of second hand items). However, from my own personal experience, some of the items (encompassing books, games, DVDs and even a wristband) are in mint condition and well worth the money paid for.

Overall, a relatively easy and useful app to use, not to mention created by one of our own.

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An upgrade of Sgflea

I used to only sell my preloved items at sgflea.lj or the physical weekend flea markets. However, they are either too expensive or too burdensome.

Luckily for us, there’s now the carousell app!

I totally love their fuss-free dealings. First, it’s their simple snap and post interface. You can easily sell items in minutes without connecting to the computer. After posting, you can manage your listings as and when you like and they get instantly updated. Unlike some livejournal platforms, your listings no longer have to go through a moderator.

Their search function is also an added bonus to buyers. In the past, if you like a particular style, you have to conscientiously screen through all the online stores you know and might even end up not finding what you are looking for. With carousell, you can find the best deal for the same design!

Overall, I find that there’s still room for improvement. But until then, my experience with carousell is pleasant.

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