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The Star Awards is an annual ceremony where MediaCorp recognises entertainers in their employ for outstanding performances. It is also a contest to see how popular they are with the fans who call in and vote for their favourite stars.


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Strangely therapeutic

I will first confess to have a very strong second to third line actor/actress bias. I believe that most of the acting talent (and juicy roles) normally lies within the supporting cast. For the most part, I think that most lead actors, especially those that rose up the ranks very quickly, deserve to be shot for their cringeworthy acting.

I love watching Star Awards. It sounds ludicrous, since who I support will be duly snubbed year after year without fail. But the Star Awards are so obviously politicized, that few even take it seriously anymore. Watching Star Awards is therapeutic. You get the rare chance to slam “authority” and have people agree with you. It’s admittedly much less polarizing and inconsequential than cursing your boss or the government.

Once done, you can go back to surfing the net, only to look up (and roll your eyes) at the next award recipient. That said, I wish not to take anything away from the few deserving candidates.

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The young and popular shall win it all

I am still trying to convince myself to stay-home and catch the annual Star Awards which, without doubt, used to be one of the highlights of the year. Afterall, it is the day when artistes get recognized for their hard work throughout the year.

But since the last few years, I have always wondered why has the focal point of the event changed (sadly but true) over the years? Star Awards today is more like a day of glamour and dress-pretty. And each year, this annual event is getting more dramatic. But what do you expect on a day so important to the local entertainment industry?

To me, the efforts and hard work of all anyone (front line artistes or back-end crew) should not be based on how many votes they get through the SMS or call-ins. Anyone who has worked hard should be recognized based on their efforts and not merely on popularity. If this is so, then obviously the young, popular and good-looking babes and dudes shall win it all.

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Star Awards... or not.

I think recently, the quality of Star Awards, and the anticipation which stems of that has dropped significantly. Star Awards used to be The Show of the year which everyone looked forward to and had animated conversations about. People actually bothered watching it and paying attention. For example, me. For example, my family. We used to watch it together and guess true to our drama loving hearts the winners for each category. We used to get upset when our favourite shows or dramas didn't win or even get a nomination. We used to hold our breaths in anticipation for the top 10 artistes of the year, wondering who the last will be. I even remember rooting for Zhong Qin and feeling sad when she didn't get it. But I think she finally did. I also remember commenting about the inappropriateness of some dresses...

Now, no one really cares about the Star Awards anymore. I think there are several contributing factors to this. One - the fact that most of the dramas aren't really worth watching because the plots aren't as interesting and the artistes are well.. relatively not as good. Because no one watches the dramas anymore, no one knows what the nominees are. So why bother watching? Two - the fact that the Star Awards show itself is boring and maybe even annoying. Too much unnecessary emphasis on the glamour of it (what for?) puts people off I guess. Who are they trying to impress? The audience or one another? So much unfunny banter. The irony.

This has to change if they want to attract viewership again. I hope they make these changes quickly before everyone stops watching Star Awards.

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For those people already working, they would know the working place is a political place. And show business should be one of the most political work places.

Star Awards is the show to let the audience know who had won the political game in the year before. If you follow entertainment news, you would have realised the winners were not always from the most popular shows. They may not even be the most outstanding actors or actresses in a popular show.

You would also have noticed that for some years, someone that you thought should been a sure winner because of his/her important role in a popular show but ended up not even appearing for the Star Awards. It is just all politics, so don't believe Star Awards are used to recognised talents.

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trying too hard

Star awards is a show for those who actually watch local dramas, and on certain years I do, it was more amusing than I thought it would be. Singapore actors, like its' local culture has a diverse range of racial and national backgrounds, from Malaysians to mix races etc. What actually is worth watching is actors with a strong personality. Think Rui En, she's never creating any unnecessary drama but somehow always gets the limelight. There's even once when she turned up in a sleek pants suit and red lipstick, fully covered yet utterly sexy. When interviewed she mentioned she doesn't really like girly dresses, which was a wow factor for me.

But what a pity, many others are trying too hard to stand out. This is especially so for new artists and emcees, i tell myself maybe its' just the nature of the media industry where they want to be noticed. But then again a secret thought creeps in that maybe its' because they lack acting skills. (think.... new actors, emcees, get it?) Watch Academy Awards and Golden Horse Awards, and you'll get to see some real acting. Definitely, the media industry is a den of lions, but watch how innocent-looking actors thank each other and smile naturally at the flashlights and camera as they stride down the red carpet gracefully. What's probably in their head is how to deliberately exclude someone's name in the thanksgiving speech and getting in the good books with the big shots, just to get a photo taken. That, I say, is some professional acting.

Next, the programme. It usually is quite routinal but there was one year whereby they made a video clip of the highlights of the year like behind the scenes, accidents, marriages, and even juicy gossips. That was pretty exciting for me as it revealed not just the glamorous side of acting. But this year (2012) was disappointing. The programme had skits on major events since mediacorp started. There was one by Chen Han Wei (actor-cum-director) and I thought the conceptualization was good as he did on epic filming situations, with one of them about how the filming cast forgot about the actor that was chained, but the newbie actors totally ruined it. There was another skit with Mr. Kiasu and Chen Mei Guang (x7) which brought back many sweet memories for me, but it lasted way too long and the cliche lines soon became annoying. But there was significant effort put in especially in convincing old (no longer acting) actors to do the skits.

All in all, Star Awards will be more interesting if the organisers allowed greater flexibility in the event and less "scripted" in every segment, same goes for the actors.

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The star of the show is not the awards.

Hell, most of use do not even watch the show to see who got what awards. At least that is for me. What im excited for is what the people attending wear. And I'm sure that's what those actresses and actors are worried and excited about, preparing 2-3 months beforehand choosing their dresses and accessories and hairstyles and such. You wear something phenomenal, and BOOM, who cares if you won a prize, your beautifully made up face and figure hugging dress would be splashed across newspapers, the internet and magazines. That's enough to give you attention.

As for who got what awards, just go online and whatever results you want to know will come up immediately, no need for ridiculously sitting in front of the TV and waiting for those introductions and suspense drums and all the knick knacks to get your answer.

On a smaller scale, it's essentially like our prom night- not about the food, but about the dressing. So keep your eyes peeled at whose outfits fail at the next award ceremony.

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Star-studded in my own way

I am a fan of channel 8 dramas despite its occassional cliche-ness, repetition. It portrays the Singaporeans Live, and the actresses/actors are people that i have watched as i was growing up. Hence Star Awards is a good show for me to watch my favourite actors/actresses reap their fruits of labours.

However, i find that previous years shows were better. There will be a heavy-studded cast, local or overseas, and more actors that i liked previously. In recent years, many have left mediacorp to venture overseas, and the new budding talents are people that i am not familiar with, which is kinda sad, because some of the memories are lost when they left.
However, one nice part during the recent star awards will be the spoofs of dramas that happened over the year and also teasing couples and playing up rumours etc which is quite hilarious at times.

I feel that you should watch Star Awards only if you have been following the television series all along because you will be able to feel the atmosphere, make your own little prediction of the winners and scream when they win!

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Repetitive, same, old show

A localised, dwarf edition of the Grammy Awards, the event is a pitch by Mediacorp to recognise its outstanding actors. Although initially I found it thrilling and always rooted for Rui En, my favourite artiste, it just grows boring after a while.

I mean, all the same actors get nominated again and they mostly star in Mandarin Shows, the number of actors nominated whom mainly appear in Channel 5 and indeed dwarfed by the number of Channel 8 actor nominated. Moreover, this show will only appeal to the chinese-inclined, older generation like my mum and dad. For us youngsters, a movie on channel 5 is indeed more thrilling.

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Lost it's appeal

The Star Awards was one of the ceremonies that I wouldn't want to miss. I would probably treat it like a national day celebrations or sort.

I remember, when I was still a young child, I had always been filled with immense anticipation as I stared in wide-eyed amazement at the stunning actors in their glamorous outfits, as well as the red carpet that invited them in. I can also recall the euphoria that overwhelms me as my favourite actor wins the award.

However, times have changed. The Star Awards have now, somewhat lost its appeal to me. Does it apply to any others out there as well?

It seems as though it's always the same old, predictable actors that are clinching and bagging down the awards. In my honest opinion, it is as though the awards are given largely based on popularity, and not talent or charisma.

Gone, is the excitement and wonder every year at the glitz and glamour of the Star Award. Now, it is to me, a lacklustre and overly fanciful event that inordinately infuse too many other redundant awards that makes it all the more frivolous.

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Does anybody still watch this?

Star Awards used to be one of the most anticipated shows around, but recently there's been minimal hype about it, and people just aren't excited to watch who's winning what anymore, or at least not when the same few faces win the same awards over and over again.

Star Awards is kind of like prom for celebrities in Singapore, and when locals are being made to watch the exact same prom gala each year without fail, there just isn't any excitement for it anymore. Nowadays, whenever Star Awards screens, I'll stick around long enough to look out for the outfits, then switch to another channel.

There was a slight improvement this year, when they held the event at MBS, which definitely managed to glitz up the event a little. However, apart from that, nothing much about the show really changed, and it was just horribly predictable and stale.

Star Awards is a little like a low-grade Oscars. Unless it receives a major revamp anytime soon, I don't think I'll be watching it from start till end.

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