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Malaysia's famous restaurant comes to Singapore to share their local delights.

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A big name on our little island that won’t disappoint

Mdm Kwan’s is a famous restaurant from Kuala Lumpur that was really popular with Singaporeans. Now that it has opened an outlet at Vivocity, there is no need to endure the 9 hour drive any more. You can have some right on our little island!

The menu remains mostly unchanged, and decor and vibe stays true to their outlet in Kuala Lumpur. The quality of food suffered slightly though, which could be due to the ingredients not being as fresh after crossing the customs. Mdm Kwan herself, who can sometimes be seen at the KLCC restaurant, is not here to monitor things either.

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(Updated: February 19, 2014)


I headed to Madam Kwan's recently and was stoked at how awesome their satays were. It was the one situated at Malaysia KLCC. I was accustomed to satays that were made outdoors but never indoors. Hence, it was a pleasant sight to behold when I found the word ‘Satay’ listed within their menu. I ordered it immediately along with a gigantic plate of fruits.

The service was incredibly impressive. Secret Recipe Singapore should be taking down notes from them in this particular aspect. The restaurant was crowded despite the time; the mall was about to close soon. Someone without a watch would definitely thought that it was the peak hour. I certainly did.

Despite the restaurant’s ‘full-house’ state, the meals that we ordered arrived within seconds. It was piping hot and there weren’t any uncooked or over burnt spots. The quality of it hinted that the food wasn’t made in a rush. It was absolute perfection.
Unfortunately, due to mysterious reasons, the Madam Kwan outlet in Singapore does not own a Halal certificate. Why not? Do the ingredients used in their offered food palettes differ per country?

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Nothing But The Best of Malaysian Food

I have been waiting patiently to try out Madam Kwan's every since it opened. The Madam Kwan's in KL always has a long queue and so I can't always patronize it whenever I go there, which is already quite seldom.

Firstly, I know many are not willing to spend so much on Malaysian local food, especially with the thinking that you can get a plate of Nasi Lemak for $3 at the hawker. My advice is to go there to try the other stuff on the menu.

Mdm Kwan's Asam Laksa is my favourite. I have tried so many others but Mdm Kwan's never fail. Their broth is just the perfect mix of fish, and with enough bite sized of the same fish left for you to chew on. Their otak otak is thick, tasty and left me asking for more. I mean, I have personally never eaten such a thick slice of otak before. Mostly of them are thin and even those that do not come in leaves are not much different in size. Their servings are as generous as the menu and well worth the price.

I am not ashamed to say that I will pay to eat there again; for the service, the quality and the unforgettably delectable dishes.

Perhaps I'm a little nostalgic, since I grew up eating these dishes. That might make my review a little bias. But since we can't always go back to Malaysia to eat their local delicacies, I'm glad the food came to us in the form of Madam Kwan's.

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