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Denise Chia
Listing created by Denise Chia on July 05, 2014    

One Man Coffee is a specialty coffee concept that focuses on the art of espresso. 

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perfect hangout for brunch-lovers

Tucked away in the café paradise that is Upper Thomson, One Man Coffee is known for their great brews and inexpensive brunch food. My friend and I visited at around 2pm, and we fortunately found the place fairly empty. The space was small, but I really liked the no-frills décor and rustic wooden furnishings – overall a really cosy, laid-back ambience.

My friend was raving about the French toasts incessantly, and we ended up ordering both variations with the berry compote ($10) and caramelised bananas ($10). Their is really simple, offering just 10 items, though the other items like Gashouse Eggs with Bacon Jam ($10) were equally enticing. I also ordered a cup of Magic ($4.50), which had robust flavour and was not too acidic. We had mixed feelings about the Brioche French Toasts, both of which were wonderfully light and fluffy and paired well with the toppings. My only quibble is that the helpings of cream, berry jam and salted caramel were a little small; otherwise definitely one of the best French Toasts I’ve had.

One Man Coffee is a great brunch place if you’re a light eater (like me), if not the portions may be a little too small for a full meal. Really worth a try!

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not bad coffee, so so food

It was quite confusing trying to locate One Man Coffee as they share premises with a pizzeria. My cousins and I decided to try One Man Coffee as we heard good reviews on their coffees, food and sweets. Since we were in the mood for some coffee and desserts, we gave One Man Coffee a go.

We ordered a cup of latte, long black, a slice of banana cake and a brioche french toast with homemade berry compote, candied walnuts and fresh cream.

Their latte and long black were good. I am not a coffee person but the coffee at One Man Coffee is pretty good. It wasn't overly sweet nor too acidic. It was just right for me.

However, the banana cake and french toast were a huge disappointment. The banana cake was just average, something that could be baked out of a pre-mix box. It was floury, dry and the banana taste felt like it was artificial essence rather than real bananas. As for the french toast, sure it looks picture worthy but it was insanely dry and tasteless. I asked if they have maple syrup for me to pair with the french toast but there wasn't. The berry compote was not bad though but they could really be more generous with the serving.

Not sure if we went there on a bad day but it was truly disappointing, especially since we came in with such high expectations. Would not go back again in the near future as the other items on their limited menu didn't sound too appetizing too.

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Too specialised

'I like coffee from Ya Kun, i feel that it is rather balanced as compared to coffee from say, food courts, as they leave behind a sour aftertaste and causes a funny feeling in your stomach.' Whilst this listing is not Ya Kun, my concept of what makes a good coffee was solidified from the assorted mix of tastes and feelings that constitute my varied experiences with the drinking of coffee after this insight from my friend. Upon pondering one such experience, which was at One Man Coffee, I found myself seeing its coffee in a new light.

In my opinion, the coffee at One Man Coffee is over-specialised. Whilst its good to focus on one particular product so that improvements in areas such as quality can be achieved, too much focus may not be a good thing. For example, I find that the fern design in the topmost layer of broth contains more leaves that other coffee joints I've visited, a clear indication of more focus but on the wrong aspect. However, I should put a disclaimer here to say that the design is really nice indeed, but it seems so trivial when you drink coffee that I wonder why the effort.

The main essence of the coffee is in my opinion, lacking. It has none of the balance I crave in my caffeinated mixes, and as my friend put it aptly, there is a sour aftertaste and the coffee feels funny in my tummy. To achieve the balance, I feel that the coffee could be slightly sweetened and more attention paid to the preparation of the beverage instead of its design.

I did not try the food there but from what I saw, it fits what Denise mentioned in her review. For people who appreciate a good coffee, just stick to Ya Kun, Toast Box or Starbucks instead, you'll more likely get your money's worth there.

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Rather disappointing :(

My CCA mate and I decided to go to One Man Coffee for lunch after CCA today since Upper Thomson is near our school! We were quite excited as our goal is to visit all of Upper Thomson's cafes before graduating next year.

However, upon reaching One Man Coffee, we realised that it was a very small space that was rather cramped. While the ambience was pretty good, the size of the place ruined it a little. It was so cramped that waiters had to squeeze past us while we were ordering our food at the counter.

The menu there is also not exactly the most extensive one out there - there were less than 10 dishes, most of which were over $10 and didn't sound like enough for lunch. We both decided to get a grilled cheese sandwich for $6, which was already one of the cheaper items available.

Expecting to get a nice, wholesome sandwich, we were sorely disappointed when we were served our grilled cheese sandwich. It was simply just two pieces of thinly sliced sourdough with melted cheese on one of the slices - we could've easily made something like that (or something better, probably). I'm pretty sure $6 for 2 thin slices of bread and some cheese isn't really worth it.

We'd heard many people saying good things about One Man Coffee so we were really quite let down by the place :( I wouldn't go back again for sure.

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