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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on November 09, 2013    

65Daigou is a Singapore registered company which specialises in shipping and logistics management. It is well-known for its service as a reliable Taobao agent. It also provides shipping services from China or Taiwan.


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(Updated: December 10, 2013)

Exorbitant Prices

While this agent provides a reasonable sum for small items, it is extremely costly for large bundles. In fact, my experience with them was unsatisfactory and unpleasant. Having bought a large bulk of items through them, the shipping fee amounted to a total of $200 Singapore Dollars alone, and that was despite the fact that I had to wait for 1 month for the shipments to arrive (ship mode).

In comparison, other agents that are available on Taobao itself provide a more reasonable option at a faster rate: many of them offer a lower shipping, less than 200 SGD, for a much heavier weight and reach Singapore in about a week.

I would strongly not recommend this agent as the prices are exorbitant.

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A wallet-friendly and happier online shopping

This is a site that I would like to recommend and compliment for its reasonable price as well as its impeccable service.

To make your online shopping even more convenient, 65 Daigou (Tao Bao) has come up with an Application that can be downloaded from your iPhone Apps-store. Android users are able to enjoy this service too! With this App, I am now able to track the location of my goods. The most amazing service that it provides will be the prompt notification that it will send when it realises that the good that you have ordered is out of stock. The price that you have paid for the good that has been out of stock will,thus, be refunded to your account without hesitation.

Now, that explains my title of this review. Go on and try out, you will definitely feel happier shopping for things that you like at a reasonable price!

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Shopping made easy

Ever since my classmates introduced me to the mystical world of Taobao shopping, 65daigou seems to have become a permanent tab on my browser. 65daigou is a rather well-known Taobao agent in Singapore, that serves as a middleman to help locals purchase items from Taobao, a China e-marketplace.

I may be a Chinese, but my capacity for Chinese really isn't all that great, but 65daigou simplifies my Taobao shopping process, as all I have to do is to copy the link of the item I want and paste it into a browser on the site, and the site helps to purchase the item for me.

While the shipping fee may be a little of a heartache to pay for, it's by far one of the most reasonable shipping rates in town for their impeccable service. Items are usually purchased either on the same day or the following day after you submit your order, and you are notified of every single step in the shipping process of your parcel - definitely a reassurance for worrywarts like myself.

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