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Listing created by poppy on February 05, 2013    


Founded in 2009, THEWHATISDOPE offers a wide selection of affordable yet stylish clothing & accessories to ensure customer satisfaction. THEWHATISDOPE has also established its own label which ensures the exclusivity.



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not my style

The clothes sold here are not what I would buy. They sell clothes that are mainly sheer, loose, and doesn't look well-made and of high quality to me. They are just popular trendy designs that will not stand the test of time and I prefer designs that are classy and versatile. I don't want to wear a velvet romper. Their clothes are also similar to all the other cookie cutter blogshops out there. Although I don't buy clothes from them, I sometimes browse their website and the old model annoyed me a lot with the hunchback pose and weird facial expressions. I didn't enjoy browsing the clothes back then. I much prefer the model now!!

Clothes are priced around $25-$26 without postage and can be expensive considering that you can get it for much cheaper at Bugis Street (yes, I have seen some of their clothes at Bugis or like 1/2 the price) and for this reason, I will not purchase anything here. I am thinking that this online store would appeal to the teenagers but for a 20+ year old female, I don't really like their style and clothes sold. Do check it out for yourself to see if the clothes appeal to you because fashion sense is quite a personal thing!

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