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Agneselle is a partnership between Agnes and Peiling, who models the clothes herself. Agneselle started out as a blogshop using livejournal domain back in 28th August 2007. It is pronounced as "Act-Ness-Elle".

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Hope it survives

I just bought a pink bustier dress from Agneselle to attend a wedding dinner next week. It was my first purchase from them and I was pleased with my purchase. The item was on sale and given the good quality and unique design, it was really a good bargain. However, I only realized they are having a 30% off all sale items when you quote some fb promo code until I have paid for the item. So, check out their social media before you make any purchase!

Although it was my first purchase, I have always stalked Agneselle and its owner Pei Ling since young. Like what Edlyn said, it was one of the pioneering Blogshops and I find Pei Ling to be an inspirational role model as well. Their photos are nicely-taken, designs are feminine and sweet but they lack exposure. Aside from the lack of updates, they seldom do advertorials and people are bound to forget them. Hence, I find it rather surprising that they are surviving well despite the amount of competition in the online sphere. I guess they have lots of loyal fans!

Nevertheless, I hope that Agneselle can continue to thrive in the industry.

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Good in the past

One of the pioneering few blogshops that made it big. It was also the very first one I shopped at. I never believed in the quality of clothes I'd get online because it is usually always exaggerated. At times, pieces might not always be true to sizing but after my first attempt at a purchase, I was simply thrilled at the texture of those I received. They were really good!

I expected the 'bugis street' quality, those you'd get at $10 a piece but it was not. The cut and fitting was exact; no loose threading either!

Ever since, I was hooked, visiting every week to get the latest updates but unfortunately now, they don't update as often as they do in the past. Also, with a rapidly increasing customer pool, their products are most often sold out every time I browse through their webstore. They also do not sell a variety of designs as previously.

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Classy clothes!

The selling point of Agneselle clothes is that they are all self-designed and self-manufactured by the owners themselves under the Agneselle label. I really like the quality of the clothes there, it stands up to washing very well and the colors do not fade. The size also does not shrink and I have never experienced furring when it comes to their clothes. The designs are classy and can be easily matched with another top or skirt to create another different look. Website is simple and easy to navigate. I find their prices very very reasonable, considering that there are loads of online stores selling mass market apparels at that price range or even higher. I would gladly pay for a self manufactured unique piece!

From their recent collection, I really like the white lacey peplum top and white eyelet top but too bad they are all sold out :( Agneselle is really popular and if you are determined to get a piece, be sure to camp beside your laptop for it!

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Relatively Unique and quality Apparels

What I like about Agneselle is that the designs are often classy, and hard to find in other blogshops. The quality is good, especially their chiffon apparels. Some of my favourite pieces from them include their high waist roller shorts and their racerback front top. Also, it's rather affordable as their clothes rarely exceeds $30 except for blazers and selected dresses. Furthermore, they provide free normal postage regardless of quantity purchased!

However, a point to note is that their sizes often run small, thus it is more recommended for those who wear UK 4-8. I've noticed that Agneselle has tried to increase the sizes available though, so maybe in the near future, their apparels would fit customers of more sizes.

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Affordable dresses

Agneselle's clothes are unlike other blogshops which mostly source for the same kinds of clothes. If I'm not mistaken, the clothes designed by the owners of the blogshop themselves. Sizes run quite small because the model, Peiling, is very thin.

Clothes are of good quality and are priced affordably, or maybe even a little cheaper as compared to other blogshops. The material used is mostly good quality chiffon to achieve the flowy effect on dresses. There are hits and misses with the designs though.

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