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Formerly known as BonitoChico, "Love, Bonito" is an online retail store that sells ladies apparel and accessories. Every week, "Love, Bonito", or LB, brings in the latest fashions of the season for the avid 'blogshopaholic'. With its trendy, presentable and affordable merchandise, LB has gained a loyal following over the years and is one of Singapore's most established online retail stores.

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One of the best online stores in Singapore.

Love, Bonito is arguably the most popular and successful online store in Singapore. It’s been around for many years, and it has grown from strength to strength. Previously known as Bonito Chico, this store has become synonymous with good quality and design, and its apparel are highly-coveted by young women.

The clothes carried by Love, Bonito usually can’t be found in other blogshops, and that’s great because you won’t see everyone on the street wearing the same thing. I love their designs, which are classic, feminine and very pretty. Love, Bonito doesn’t really go for trends like studs and spikes. Instead, they come up with timeless, sophisticated pieces, which are great for work and play, depending on how you accessorise your outfit. I don’t agree with the prices, which are higher than that of other blogshops. However, these prices are still lower, as compared to dresses from brick-and-mortar stores, so I am willing to pay for the quality and design.

Do note that if you’re eyeing that pretty dress from Love, Bonito, you’ll have to camp for it! Like I said earlier, the clothes from this store are highly sought-after, and go out of stock very quickly, so be prepared to wait by your computer for the launch of each new collection!

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Singapore’s leading blogshop

Love Bonito is one of the most popular online fashion stores in Singapore. They offer attractive women clothes for both teenagers and adults and even sells garments designed specially for events such as Chinese New Year. In fact, the clothes on Love Bonito are so popular that some pieces are sold out within hours of their release!

Entranced by the beauty of their clothes featured, I am a member and frequent shopper on Moreover, Love Bonito provides free shipping locally and their mailing service is extremely reliable - never once has my parcel not arrived on time! In fact, I believe the brand recently opened its first pop-up store at Tangs Vivocity.

Since their clothings are relatively pricey (usually SGD30 and above) as compared to other blogshops, I feel that working adults are most suited for the garments offered by lovebonito. Despite so, Love Bonito remains as one of the most loved local online fashion stores.

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To be honest, I really aspire to be like the founders of Love, Bonito. All of them are strong women great at what they do.

Being the leader of online fashion shopping in Singapore, I believe it must be extremely hard for them to achieve what they have today, all from scratch. They never fail to amaze me with all their breakthroughs. In particular, their collaboration with Julien Fournie was totally inspiring to all budding entrepreneurs, regardless of their fields. Perhaps I’m ignorant, but it was the first time I see an online fashion shop collaborating with an international designer. And what’s more, a fashion show!

The road to success in entrepreneurship is never easy and it must be even harder for them as the lead. I’m glad Singapore has got so many success stories to share.

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Love online shopping, Love Bonito

Love, Bonito is one of my favourite online shopping paradises.

Not only was I fascinated by the wonderful pieces that it brought to me, its excellent service such as responding to my enquiries was apt and polite. I was never disappointed by its new launch and I always love its new in pieces because they are just so pretty!

Apart from that, its top-notch quality contributes to why I have never ceased to support Love, Bonito.

Recently, they have just opened up a pop up store in one of the malls. I hope that they will be able to open up more stores and make Love, Bonito more well known to many others.

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One of my favourite blogshops!

Love, Bonito is a very popular local online store offering a wide range of apparel and accessories that are trendy, fashionable and affordable. I recently bought my prom dress from Love, Bonito’s bridesmaid collection and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and material of the dress. It fit me perfectly and was a very satisfying purchase.

The wide range of apparel means Love, Bonito caters for both students and working adults, and the sophisticated and classic designs are extremely wearable. The store regularly launches new collections according to seasons and holidays, and keeps you in the know with regular emails.

I find the price pretty affordable, even for students and it is definitely worth paying for the quality and design. Just a tip, if you are eying that pretty dress from Love, Bonito, do grab it quick, because stocks run out fast, especially the smaller sizes!

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(Updated: November 08, 2013)

Blogshop royalty

Love Bonito is undeniably one of the most successful blogshops in Singapore of all time. If anything, it redefined the local blogshopping scene. Though it started off with humble origins, this blogshop has made it through the ranks rather quickly, establishing itself as not JUST a blogshop, but one of the most reliable fashion webstores in Singapore.

Love Bonito prides itself on its self-manufactured pieces. Instead of all the run-of-the-mill street clothing which other webstores/blogshops sell, the pieces in Love Bonito are always unique and in trend. Most importantly, they take the effort to create different sizes for each of their pieces. While I'm a greater fan of elasticized backs (because I seem be always finding myself in a situation of whether to pick size S or M), I really appreciate this effort to create various sizes ranging from XS to L, because Singapore really needs to get used to the notion that beauty comes in so many different body shapes and while we may be Asians, this does not guarantee a need for ALL of us to be stick thin.

Furthermore, I love how elegant the clothes over at Love Bonito are. Yes, while hipster cool might be the current trend in Singapore right now, if you ask me, nothing quite beats a flowy, elegant maxi dress. My cousin and I got our bridesmaids dresses from Love Bonito, and we loved them so much we were so very tempted to get another pair in different colours just for the kick of it.

That being said, the prices over at Love Bonito are definitely a little on the steep side, with dresses easily costing at least $30. Perhaps this is the price to pay for quality (and trust me, this is exactly what I tell myself each time I type in my debit card details, digit by painful digit), but really, shouldn't an online store offer cheaper prices, given that they don't actually have to pay for rental for a brick-and-mortar store?

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losing its lustre

Love Bonito (LB) is no doubt one of the most popular and leading online stores in Singapore. The clothes sold here are more to the mature side and not so much for teenagers. Most of the clothes sold at LB are self-manufactured under their own LB label. The style here is chic and elegant and they cover a range of styles from formal to casuals and basics. My experience with LB has not been very great. Quality control seems to be lacking. Sometimes I receive clothes that are well-made but sometimes, the dress shrinks after just one wash. The material used also results in furring. I find their previous collections nicer, the clothes recently lack the extra oomph factor and are always restocks of previous collections. Nothing new and exciting anymore.

I find their customer service and e-mail replying very slow. Yes, I get that they are a huge online business but I don't get my replies even after waiting for 3 working day. On their Facebook page, I can also see many other customers complaining about their lack of efficiency. Prices is also slightly higher than other online stores and after adding postage, it can be up to $30+ a piece. Unless they have newer and nicer designs, more efficient customer service, it is unlikely that I will shop here again.

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The pioneer of Online Shopping

Love, Bonito has always been the pioneer in the Online Shopping industry. Even with the constant uprising of new trendy online retail stores, Love Bonito has held hold to their position in the market. I think that the main reason they are able to do so is in their quality of clothes, and their constant release of new creative designs.

I own several pieces from Love, Bonito, and I must say that all of them are of good quality. Their Hogan Peplum Skirt, is one of my new favourites, as it is made of thick wooly material which is stretchy and comfortable, and it's figure flattering as well. Even for more formal pieces like their Marissa Maxi, the quality remains.

In terms of pricing, I would say that Love, Bonito apparels are affordable, ranging from $20+ to $30+. Given the quality of goods, I would say that it's money well spent!

Some things to take note of though, is that LB apparels gets sold out really quickly. I know of many who camp for the launch just to ensure that they get the item they want. So you have to be quick! Also, their sizing is not very consistent, a size S of a blouse may not have the same fit as a size S of another blouse, so do make sure to check the measurements stated on their website before purchasing.

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Great material, pretty clothing

I never ever shop online. I have this need to feel the material and try out the clothes before I decide to buy them. I do however, visit blogshops to check out the trend for whats 'in' currently. I first heard of lovebonito during a spree they had at M Hotel. My colleague asked me to accompany her to the spree and we ended up staying till the place closed.

We were greeted with several mannequins lining the walkway into dividers that was meant for a queue. Thankfully, we went during the last hour of the spree and there was no queue. There were still loads of people doing their last minute shopping to get the greatest deals though.

Slowly, we made our way through the racks of clothes and everything was going at $10. Their clothes were unique, hardly found on the market, and the material is superb. One thing though, most of their clothes are meant for tall people. Short people like me end up having to alter everything bought from them . But it's still worth the money!

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Great quality and design

This blogshop has a lot of self manufactured clothes in my opinion. Their items are unique and rarely do they have items that can be found in other blogshops. Not only are they unique, they are very pretty as well. This is the selling point of the blogshop - the clothes get sold out very very quickly.

It can be pretty annoying to shop here because nearly everything is sold out. But they do have backorders sometimes, just that the wait can be too long. Love their models as well. They have certainly recruited some of the prettiest models in Singapore. Pretty models and pretty clothes, what more can I ask for!

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They started it all... (blogshopping)

Love Bonito is my favourite blogshop, even back in the older days when they were called BonitoChico. They were considered the pioneers of the trend of blogshopping and i am getting more impressed by their fashion-savviness, quality of clothes. Love Bonito prides itself in its trendy clothing and also the uniqueness as their clothes are exclusively manufactured and not sourced from Bkk/China wholesalers

One disadvantage of buying from blogshops is the lack of sizes for the perfect fit, and the average quality of clothes BUTI can safely say that the quality of Love Bonito Clothes are getting better over the years and they have a range of sizes from XS-L to cater to different ladies.

The only gripe is that with their resounding success, prices are also rising but i still think it is worth it :)

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